93-95 302 question

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  1. SOrry to keep hounding you guys but when it comes to certain things I have little knowledge. WHats the diffrence between the 93, and the 95 302? I have a 95 GT, and i either want a to rebuild the current motor or go with a new one. I have a shot at a 347 stroker, but the motor itself is set up for a FOx application. WHat changes would I need to make, aside from oil pan and pump, so this would work in my 95? I'll giive a little history on the car....as it sits the motor has an X303 cam, 24 pound injectors, motorsport intake, pullies, stock T5 with short throw shifter, and a 3.27 rear. I ran it three times at Maple Grove here in Reading and the best I could manage was a traction limited [email protected] 97 MPH. I know i need 3.73's and probably some drag radials, but what will it take to push this car into the 12's....like 12.50's?? I have so many questions in my head it gives me a headache...My main problem is I bought this motor and I have no idea what works with what....I'm not sure what heads are on the car, or what would even work with an X cam, or even if the X cam is the right choice for what I want. I was foolish and got caught in a numbers game, I was assured my car+this motor would = 12's...well it didn;t happen, so I am starting from scratch with a motor builder friend who is willing do do all the work. Thanks again for any advice in advance...one of these days i'll actualy post a picture of my car
  2. There is no difference in the motor itself between 93-95. Its all of the stuff that bolts onto it that is different (intake, accessories, etc) so if you buy a crate motor it should "drop" right in after changing all of that stuff over.
    The heads you have now are probably stock, but without seeing the car its hard to say, and even if i did see the engine it could be impossible to know for sure. Alot of aftermarket aluminum heads have their name on the front of the heads.
    Before you start throwing money at it why don't you try getting the combo you have right now to work a little better. Such as get some 3.73's or 4.10's and a good set of drag radials and practice practice practice. Ask anyone on this forum.....everyone gets high 1/4 mile times their first time or two out especially when on street tires.
  3. Thanks Quick....I guess I should have added that in the spring i drove the damn car into a standing water puddle and flooded the motor. I changed the oil and flushed the motor but ever since then you can hear the pushrods sort of chatter, so I am going to pull the motor apart anyway this winter and check for damage and replace what got bent/broke. WHere is DIngmans Ferry in PA???
  4. That sucks about the water!

    Dingmans ferry is in north eastern PA near where the ny/nj/pa borders meet right off of Rt 84. About an hour east of Scranton.
    Feel free to ask more questions, that's what everyone is here for.
  5. Thanks Mike,

    I've been online all morning trying to find parts that will work with other parts, trying to decide what heads to use, what cam to use. WHat it all boils down to is I have about $5,000 to spend and I want to make sure I don't buy the wrong thing, and get the most power for the money. You guys have any suggstions for Head, Intake, and Cam?? I'm not sure wwhat intake is on the car now, it just has "motorsport" and "svo" stamped on it.