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  1. 3 notch black on black,ORIGINAL 5 liter car.

    100% rust free

    car was recently painted last year ,all the trim was removed and repainted(back quarter windows too)at the same time put a 3" cowl hood,and put on two new fenders and new front cover(fender was because i broke an axle and when it came out it hit the passenger side fender,driverside had a few dings i dint want to use bondo to fix)(cover was because it was easier then stripping my old one.)new smoked headlites all 6 peices
    all new front and rear brakes,new inner and outer tie rod ends and sway bar bushings

    power everything, also has a custom keyless enrty alarm that rolls the windows up and down and pops the trunk windows are tinted 20% all the way around.CD/DVD/tv tuner stereo with a 3 1/2" .screenhttp://images.secure2u.com/191/Proc/Full/1962142.jpg
    JL audio 6" rounds in the doors


    coil overs in the front with tubular A arms and lakewood 70/30 struts
    rear has MM lowers with heim joints at one end, frpp uppers that i boxed and painted myself,eibach drag launch springs.lakewood drag shocks,and one airbag,all the seems in the back of the car were welded solid(started with the torque boxes and kept going) also has welded frame connectors.

    wheels tires

    front 15/5 draglites with new 195 60 15s
    back 15/8 with 1/2 worn 275 60 15 mickey thompson drag radials
    when i painted the car i rolled the rear lips and massaged the inner fender wells(a much bigger tire will fit)

    driveline and engine mods

    stock long block,Griffin radiator,black magic fan with thermatric controller,under drive pulleys,edlebrock water pump,C & L cold air,C&L mass air meter,BBk 75mm throttle body and egr ,GT40 intake,BBK adjustable fuel regulator,
    ZooM II clutch,Tremec 3550,with Pro5.0 shifter,aluminium driveshaft,stock trac loc with 410 gears


    pacesetter longtubes,ofroad X with cutouts,mac catback and tailpipes(all 2 1/2")


    MSD 6Al with a 6000 chip in it,accel coil,3G 130 Amp alt,


    good shape other than a couple small wear spots in the driver seat (wich are sport seats)
    has center gauge pod with 3 phantom 2 5/8 gauges oli,water and also nos preasure(nos was never completly installed)
    5" phantom tach with shiftlite ,white face gauges and a white shift ball that reads "TREMEC" (that will not be going with the car)has ashtray switch panel for the NOS but not hooked up obviously...and yes the ashtray door is broke...as a matter of fact i took it right out.

    im sure im missing a thousand things and as i remember them ill post them up
    i dont want to sell but i have a 92 vert also and i need a truck so its got to go.

    the bad

    passenger side door lock dont work with the switch
    heat only works on the defrost setting(its a vacume issue..)
    small wear spots in the driverside seat like mentioned above
    bushing in the driverside window regulator is worn so the window moves back and forth a bit,sometimes i have to hold it back to go up the last 1/2"
    here are some pics






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  2. hey if you still have the notch i would like to know how much and where you are located very interested thanks
  3. would you trade for a 05 zx636 custom paint etc.. i got mods list and pics beautiful bike and its crazy fast for a 600.
  4. how much? and where u located?
  5. well it was posted 12-10-08, so that was exactly two days over a year ago, so what are the odds he still has it?
  6. That car was sold early this year....

    He actually took a white 94 Lightning as partial trade..
  7. how much are you askin
  8. Reading comprehension FTW!!! :crazy:
  9. :lol::rlaugh:
  10. I'm askin $500. PM for my address. You have to mail me cash though...
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