93 Cobra basket case project (dash wiring harness questions)


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Apr 22, 2017
A few things.
  • The Viper was an alarm.
  • They sell cloth wiring harness tape that doesn't leave sticky residue like electrical tape. https://lmr.com/item/LRS-TA31/Cloth-Wiring-Harness-Tape-Adhesive
  • If your heater core is suspect, now's the time to check/replace it.
  • Plugs/connectors can be replaced easier than you might think. Determine which ones are missing and go from there.
This guy restores first gen Mustang harnesses. He might be able to source connectors for you.

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Feb 18, 2001
Tesa Tape. That's what BMW and other OEM's use. A little pricey, but it won't melt/ooze like electrical tape. I've used basic plastic loom, with Tesa tape at the ends and in a few spots in the middle. You can wrap the entire harness in it too if you'd like.

The aftermarket alarm can be removed. Considering you don't have the instructions or components, you pretty much have to. I'm in the middle of doing this to my car to remove a 90's era Viper with remote start. Pretty much just trace the wires to where they tap into the factory harness, cut/remove, and carefully tape up the nicks, or rejoin the wire if damaged. If the alarm was hacked in, then I might consider contacting the yard about a new harness due to it being damanged.

The missing connectors can probably be fixed or relocated. Just need to know which ones. Ford used the same connector in a few spots, so might be able to find a donor off the old harness you are taking out. On some of the connectors it's easy to pull the pins out and reinsert. Need to see which ones were missing for more info.

The 1993 EVTM will be gold to you. No other way to pull it off.
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