'93 Cobra GFX

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 2point3fiend, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Anyone know where I can pick up a nice Cobra GFX set repro for a decent price? I'd like to pay under a grand :notnice: if at all possible. Not including the front bumper afterall for my '92 2.3L. Just always liked the look of them, granted it'll add weight to an already slow car... that is until the turbo and of course I'd keep my 2.3 emblems after the fact if I went that route.
  2. My buddy got the one from ABC Exclusive for his blown '90 GT, it seemed to be fitting pretty well when I went over there. Think he paid around $500-$600?

  3. cervini's sells a full urethane cobra bodykit for $1400... it includes the front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts. Cervini's fit and durability is worth it. Even full GT takeoff bodykits sell for $1000 on ebay... good luck finding a cobra for that price...
  4. I made note of the sites that were mentioned. Does any of these kits come with the mounting hardware as well? Or is that seperate to the kits or would used GT mounting bolts suffice? I just wonder what the labor cost would be to have them put on minus painting. Sorry for all the questions. :bang:
  5. well... I currently have a GT bumper on mine. You will need the GT bracket that holds the foglights because the LX bumper connects to the radiator frame, where as the GT bumper connects to the bracket, which comes out about 8" from the frame... without the bracket the whole underneath part of the Gt bumper will just flop in the wind. the rest of the kit attaches using the current hardware and some minor screws and double sided tape. thats it.