93 Cobra Wheels, Factory Vs Repro Question

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  1. So, I've got a 90 LX Notch 5.0 with the factory 10 hole wheels. Boring...

    I've found a very nice looking set of 93 Cobra wheels, with almost brand new tires,,, $450 for the set !

    Sounds like a pretty good deal, cause I think the reproduction ones are about $125 a wheel. So it would be like
    I'm getting the tires for free. And I need tires on the Notch very soon anyway.

    But I've heard that the original Cobra wheels have a different offset because those cars had a different brake setup or something. And I've heard the reproduction wheels have an offset that will work for all us foxbody guys with LX, or GT cars.

    This guy doesn't know if his wheels are an original set, or repros, cause he bought them used. He also said his cousin has a foxbody with these wheels and they sit further in on the car, tucked into the wheel wells, and this guys wheels sit a little farther out, like flush with the fenders.

    So is there a way to tell if these are the originals, or the repro's, Or, would they fit my 90 LX either way ? 93cobrawheels_zps19857752.jpg
  2. Look on the backside if the wheel and under the center cap for Ford oval and part number. That would be best indication they are oem

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  3. What he said. Also the repro's are 8.5"wide versus the OEM's are 7.5".
  4. The original 93 cobra wheels were designed for the extra width of the disc brake rear. They will bolt up however on the front you will want to run 93 cobra rotors and probably 1" spacers on the rear. Here's my car with the factory 93 cobra wheels and my car with 17x8-17x9 cobra r wheels with regular gt rotors on the front
    qejyju5y.jpg 2e3ebuzy.jpg

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  5. Given the pricing, these are more than likely reproductions made to work on normal 5.0's.

    If they were real 1993 Cobra wheels, they would be worth more.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. From all the info I got i'm thinking these are the repro's,

    Think I'll try to pick them up this weekend.

    I'll post pics if I get them and have them installed.