93 Cobras And Longer Studs

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  1. Has anyone ran the replica wheels with longer studs in the rear ? I am looking to do this to add a half in spacer to bring the wheels out some because I feel they look sunken in compared to the fronts. So what studs would fit still running the center caps

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  2. of my wheels now ?

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  3. zamydybe.jpg check out how nice the rears sit in relation to the qt

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  4. I can see a little. You may be able to get away with a spacer without the studs
  5. I have 1/4in spacers I am just not a fan in how the lugs look with them

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  6. Hubcentric spacer. They bolt onto your axle and keeps the pressure/ weight centered onto your hubs and off the studs. The spacer has studs of its own that the wheel will bolt up to.
  7. Def use a hubcentric spacer if you plan on using any sort of spacer.

    Slip on spacers create far more stress in the lugs. On a mustang, I wouldn't run them
  8. Thank you !! , as far as the pic above do you think he's 1/2 or 1/4 in spaced ? looks more like 1/2 to me

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  9. We used the longer 3" NHRA approved studs in my father's 93 I just had to trim the blank tapered end off the studs to get them to fit under the stock center caps.

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  10. should be no issue the with a 1/2 in hub centric spacer ?

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  11. Smallest hubcentrics you'll find are 1/2"

    HArd to see how far the wheels are sucked in on that pic though. If oyu were to slowly jack one side up so that it moved up and into the fender, how far would the tire be from the lip. If it's close, you may need to roll the fender lips.
  12. As far as running cheap spacers, I really feel indifferent about the whole thing. I know what everyone says they stress the lugs, yada yada. After crewing for an Outlaw 10.5 team for 2 seasons I personally have no problem with the cheap aluminum ones. 1.14 60' on the back wheels made me a believer :cool:
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  13. Lips are rolled already

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  14. 9asupa9e.jpg heres a better angle I don't want to bring them out far like I said 1/4 maybe half inch

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  15. I found billet 1 in spacers on eBay I am gonna go home and measure tonight and if I clears and won't put the tire too far out I will try them

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  16. I agree. Bolt on spacers aren't legal in NHRA. I think they are fine on the street, but I don't think it's a good idea to run a bolt on spacer with a very sticky tire. For a street car you really need a hub centric spacer to make it work. Drag wheels usually center on the mag style wheel nut.

  17. so whats the better option here , the bolt ons or the hubcentric with longer studs?
  18. I think we are confusing terms here. Hubcentric refers to a spacer (or wheel) that the vast majority of the shear stresses are on the hubs, and not on the lugs. Lugcentric relys on the lug nut conicial seats to center the wheel and bear most of the load.

    For actual hub centric spacers designs...

    Slip on. (can either have a machined hub, or on thinner sizes allow the hub of the axle to pass through to the wheel)


    And for comparion, these are lug-centric bolt-on spacers (there are slip on lugcentric as well). Notice there is no hub lip for the wheel to locate on.

    With either design, quality is key. I wouldn't trust a set of $20 ebay slip on spacers, but higher quality spacers do maintain tighter tolerances to allow the hub to take the brunt of the force.
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  19. I find a little off that these wheels are sunken in so much. Wasn't the entire point of the replica 93 wheel to change the offset to be run on non-cobra Mustangs? When putting a original 93 Cobra wheel on a LX or GT, a 3/4" spacer needed to be used. Here, needing a 1/2" spacer almost defeats the purpose.

    Are they truely replica wheels with an offset for LX/GT Mustangs?

    Also, what size tire are you running? That Calypso LX up top looks like it has a much wider tire than you. Perhaps that plays into the illusion that the wheels sit more flush to the lip?