'93 Computer Relocation

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  1. Has anybody relocated their brain box in the late model fox bodies??? Possibly just twisted around up by the heater box??? I'm thinking about pulling mine out and trying to relocate it for easier access for future projects.

    If there's an old post or web page about this, just drop a link.

    Aaron Weyhrich
  2. Is that the computer under the passenger seat? I was thinking it was that or a stock amp.
  3. its not hard to get to as it is, i wouldnt move it. Its in a safe location with a good ground, and there are far too many wires to attempt to extend them somewhere else.
    The box under the seat IS the Prem Sound amp on older cars, The ECU is behind the passenger kick panel

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    I decided to actually try to remove my computer from the factory location last night. I have to admit that it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. So, it will stay in place. I might be moving to a stand alone management system later. That will come at the same time I get a turbo setup.

    Thanks for the help though.