93' Ford Mustang Lx 2.3l Belt Question

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a jackass I decided to post my question here because the rest of the internet is apparently useless. I already plan on buying a repair manual but I'd also like some expert advice if I can get it. I like the satisfaction of working on my own car and getting it to work. I'm sure you people know what I mean. I need some engine diagrams for my vehicle (something that shows pumps, belts, tubes, hoses, etc.). Sadly, I can't find one that matches mine. If anyone out there could help me out that would be wonderful.
  2. So what is this weekend's specific project? We will work from there. :D
  3. Well, the whole car is pretty much a project. I need new belts, alternator, trans. mount, rear shocks, p/s pump, lower ball joints, wheel bearings, headlights, basically it just needs a lot. It was my first car, I grew up around Mustangs, and I'm just not willing to part with it. Like I said, I plan on buying a repair manual (and most of what I can't physically do my dad is going to help me with) but I'd like some large diagrams as well because I'm one of those people that learn by seeing and doing (hands-on), rather than reading or listening.
  4. 2012-08-15_14-41-01_522.jpg Go on ebay and try to find an OEM shop manual from Ford for your mustang. They are year specific, but will blow any chilton, or hayes manual out of the water. OEM shop manuals are great, they are what service guys used back in the day.
  5. Thanks a lot! That's much better than getting the one from Auto Zone.
  6. They can be a little expensive, but they are definitely worth it! Majority of diagrams as well as teardown, and rebuild instructions are step by step, including all your specs and clearances. The bible for your car, or anyone's Mustang. Any manual from a parts store is trash, they tend to be very generic, save the 15 bucks and put it to a good use.
  7. Well then that's perfect! Anything that can help me get my car back into shape is good with me. Thanks so much!