93 Fox Gt Vin # Too High?

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  1. So I've been wondering for a few years now what's up with the VIN # on my 93 GT. All production numbers I find for 93 list 114,228 total mustangs built. Supposedly you subtract 100,001 from your last six digits of VIN to determine your production number. The last six of my VIN (verified and legit) are 214913, giving it a production number of 114,912, exceeding the total listed number built that year. Also, the production date is AUG 18, 1993, very near or after the last production date listed by mfg. Anyone have any knowledge of why this is? It'd be nice to know if this car is truly one of the last fox mustangs built, and possibly how many were made after. Thanks guys
  2. Mine is Aug 3
  3. yours seems to fall within production number limits, only produced two weeks earlier. i can't explain what's up with mine
  4. mine was built aug 6th. aug 26th was the last day for them.
  5. Grover's car and mine were built on the same day and my vin is 109xxx (too lazy to go get the rest of the numbers.
  6. the VINs were assigned by when the car was ordered, not built. mine was ordered in early july of 93 so it has a 205xxx, but it wasn't built until Aug 6 according to my Marti Report.

    are you sure your car wasn't built in Aug of 92 with that VIN?