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  1. 93 GT For sale

    I have a 93 GT that I bought for my niece. Her mother ended up buying her one so I no longer need it. The car has an engine that I have taken out to redo the gaskets on, and I found out she got a car so I havent really bothered with it. It still has all of the wiring and inteior, which is still in good shape minus the tear on the driver seat. I have a 5 speed tranny for a core, the tranny is shot. There is no hood, driveshaft,radiator,flywheel. I'm not sure what else is missing. The body and paint are in pretty good shape, I will take 900.00 or best offer. I am located in TN. I will take some pics later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for looking and have a great day. If anyone is interested in the car let me know I have some more pics of it I could only upload two per post. I also have the car on craigslist, 1993 Mustang GT Roller

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  2. what color inside and out where at in tenn
  3. It's a like gold color on the outside and I think its a red color inside. It's been so long since I looked at it I'm really not sure. I promise I will get some pics tomorrow after work. Sorry its taking so long. I am located in Cosby, TN its about 15 mins from Newport,TN.
  4. part out?

    are u willing 2 part out?
  5. Parts

    I dont know if Im going to part it out right now. If I dont sell it in a month or so I may think about it. If I do Ill let you know. What are you looking to get?
  6. hey i was wondering if you still have this car for sale.? an what all do this car need exactly?
  7. I do still have the car. It needs a tranny, driveshaft, flywheel,radiator, and the engine put back together. I have a tranny for it but it would only be good for a core for another trans.
  8. Hey will u take $500 I'm driving Little rock,ar.. Can u upload some more pic I'm very interest in the car..
  9. SOLD

    The car has been sold... Thanks for all intrest in the car...
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