'93 hatchback... what's it worth?

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  1. I've got a '93 hatchback with a N/A 2.3 and a T-5. No rust, nice looking car, dark red with grey interior, reliable, good gas mileage, new timing belt, water pump, rear brakes, valve job/stem seals, head gasket, O2 sensor, and TPS. Good exhaust with some sort of turbo muffler (on there when i got it). the head/cam came from a ranger pickup... don't know if that makes a difference.

    that's the good, now the bad:
    door hinges sag, missing plastic trim on LF fender, rear springs sag slightly, the power windows are finnicky, and the A/C doesn't work... as far as i can tell it just needs a charge- it has been converted to R-134a.

    overall, it is a great car that i would not be afraid to drive to california, then to maine, and then back home.

    so what's it worth, and is there any interest in it here?
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    where you're located might help out a bit ... and of course pictures.
  3. $1000 If i had the money I would buy the car
  4. I'm in minneapolis... i have some pictures but cardomain's being ghey right now, so i can't upload them
  5. [​IMG]
    my camera is teh sux0r
  6. I've included pictures and where i'm located. can no one answer my question?
  7. looks exactly like my car when i bought it .. I'd agree with the $1000 mentioned above.
  8. sounds about right

    i agree with what the other post say, about 1,000 seems right, because ones in really good condition only go for between 1500-2000. so that sounds about right
  9. Man, if you were closer to me that thing would be sold today. That is exactly what my girlfriend's son is looking for. And by the way the 91-93 Mustang roller cam is the same as the Ranger roler cam.