93 Lx 2.3 5 Speed Foxbody

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  1. Ok so the problem is after u run it awhile and then shut it off the car won't start right back up but runs and drives just fine but as soon as I shut it off it won't immediately fire right back up I have changed fuel pump filter coil packs plugs wires but still does it what do u think is causing my problems I'm also getting orange spark instead of blue so any ideas
  2. I have to Jerry rig it to pull the code from it write down go many times the check engine light flashes and what not then look it up online
  3. It would probably be worth spending the money on a code scanner before buying more parts that may not fix the problem. My $30 code scanner came with a book listing the meaning of each code.
  4. Where can I get one at ?
  5. Most parts stores have them in stock.
  6. Yea I got mine at Advance Auto Parts.
  7. Next time it happens, leave the door open, turn the ignition to on/run, and listen for the hum of the fuel pump. If the pump doesn't run, replace the relay, I think its under the driver seat
  8. Fuel pump relay is part of the IRCM on the 91-93 model 2.3l Mustang. Without DTC's we are pissing in the wind as far as a diagnosis.
  9. FWIW the IRCM is about $90 from Rock Auto and real easy to replace.