'93 LX ball joint problem

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  1. Well, my son was driving my car last night and the lower front passenger-side ball joint snapped. Got it towed to the shop, but they can’t even look at it until Wednesday. This is way beyond my ability to do myself, and my buddy that usually helps me out with stuff like this is on vacation in Florida.

    I’ve started pricing parts and they seem pretty reasonable, but can anyone give me an idea of how many hours they’re going to charge me for labor? Cash is tight and I’d like to try to plan ahead.

    Any general info on ball joint repair would also be useful since I know nothing about suspension parts.

    Thanks for any info.

  2. At my autopart there is 2 quality balljoints, the cheap one at 26$ (each) and costly one at 90$ (each)..

    And I would say approx 2:30 if they're fast.. I don't know how much they charge per hour in your area..
  3. Yeah, I'd say 3-4 hours most likely...it can be done faster but when they are charging by the hour, they don't hurry.
  4. check it out, whe charged at an hourly flat rate shop such as a dealer but most other places pay techs the same. it will take about 2hours top but they'll charge yo u 5 so draw your own conclusion...
  5. Thanks everyone.

    The car is back on the road. They did charge me for two hours, but including the tow charge, my bill was only $188. I didn't feel it was too high, so guess I did the right thing.