93 LX vert Idling problems 5.0

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by csmrol, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hello all,
    I'm having idling issues with my car. I start it up, it idles just fine. Let it warm up, still idles fine.When I drive it, come to a stop sign put in the clutch it will stall. If I put in the clutch, and rev the motor a little bit ,it won't stall. I replaced the Idle air controller a few days ago, same problem.Any ideas? Thanks.​
  2. check for vac leaks
  3. Thanks Dave
  4. If you have already run the idle checklist on the sticky, check your VSS sensor...it can supposedly cause low speed stalling issues if it doesn't work, or isn't connected. You get any codes?

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  5. I did read the idle checklist.I found some interesting comments,one of which was to try disconnecting the air cond plug.My a/c is not working presently, it is R12 and it is low on freon, besides needing to be converted. Itried disconnecting the a/c plug this morning ,drove it twice today and it did not stall once,to include a couple of panic stops. Did I just get lucky? The other thing I must add is, I just got the car a short time ago.it has aBBK fenderwell cold air intake. Due to difficulty in removing the cone filter,(anyone know an easy way?) I don't think it's been cleaned in some time. I can see it thru the engine compartment and it looks pretty dirty.I guess you have to remove it thru the fenderwell? Thanks everyone.

    PS. This is the first Ford I have ever owned in my life,(I'm 60) Now I know what you guys have been talking about all these years.I love this car!