93 Mustang 2.3l Automatic Trans. Helpppppp!!!!!!!

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  1. I have a 93 Ford Mustang lx Hatchback Automatic 2.3L I love this car! EXCEPT 2 things . . . .

    1 I have trans. fluid leaking . I have done everything from checking the filter to hoses to trans. Pan. NOTHING no reason for the leak. Only thing Im thinking it could be is output seal is damaged =/ but I drove it for about 200 miles after changing the trans. fluid and i had no problem till I saw my engine was smoking one day at a red light. After getting it home my father and I found that it was leaking. So is the only other thing it could be the output seal or is there something else i should also check?

    2 When I go into drive or reverse it bangs and jerks foward =/ and I have no clue why which is why Im askin on here =] but when Im movin its fine! Shifts smoothly with no problem but to go to drive or reverse it jerks so hard feels like someone hit my car! Im hoping it could just be something we can fix on our own I mean if I have to rip it all apart to find it I will. So any ideas?

    Please Help!!!!!!!
  2. As far as the leak, it could be the pump seal by the input shaft. I had to do a late 80's ranger's before, and it would be fine on short drives, but once on the road for 45 min. or so, it would start leaking. I don't know what would be happening with the hard engagement, my auto trans experience is very limited. Could always do a T5 conversion!
  3. The A4LD had an issue with the reverse engagement. It was fixed in later years. Some google should give you the details. I found them in the A4LD manuals I bought to help with trans change in mine. Probably not a problem except annoying.
  4. I solved the same problem with my A4LD by junking it and converting my 92 to a T-5 Manual 5-speed. I highly recommend the swap. The input shaft seal was leaking on mine.

    If you are still having the problem, also recommend buying a few cans of brake parts cleaner, thoroughly cleaning everything and making sure precisely where the leak is coming from. Also check the vacuum lines from the modulator on the transmission to the vacuum manifold on firewall. Lastly, make sure your motor and tranny mounts are not broken or loose and that your idle is set correctly (vacuum leak may cause this as well).