93 Mustang 351w C4 Swap Help!

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  1. I know this has been gone over but I can't seem to find a straight answer. I just rebuilt a 1984 351w HO out of a 84 f250 and has a 164T C6 flex plate attached. I also purchased a C4 that has the 164t housing.. My flex plate bolts right to the c4 torque converter. My question is, will a 164t bell/flexplate fit in a 93 fox body mustang! Or do I HAVE to convert to a 157? The torque and flex plate I have are brand new but nobody seems to know if it fits! It is a pan filled c4. Please help
  2. If you have all the parts, can you just mock it up?
    That is how most swaps are done... Take what you got and see if it fits.
    You are way ahead of the curve since you know everything fits with the possible exception of your headers.
    Probably don't even need to mock it up in the car.... Just bolt on the headers and bellhousing. If the headers clear the bell, you're good.

    If you are worried about floorpan to bell clearance, the more appropriate question would be "Has anyone run a 164t bellhousing in a Fox?"
    The C4 part is immaterial. 164t flywheels/flexplates on any transmission are going to take up the same space in relation to the body.
    I can't imagine the body will be the issue. The headers are much more likely.
  3. All those parts should fit in a Fox...
  4. I had 90 GT that had an AOD it used a 164 tooth flywheel stock. I pulled the AOD and put in a C4 and had to use 157 tooth flywheel. I cant remember exactly why though because that was like 10 years ago. :shrug:
  5. It should fit,just will need a starter i beleive to fit the gears on whichever flex plate you use
  6. The starter is the same. The bellhousing has to match the flywheel so the starter is spaced properly.
  7. It worked out fine. thank god!
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