'93 Mustang Air Bag Question

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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to diagnose a code 13 (crash sensor circuit shorted to ground) in my air bag system on my '93. I have reached a point where I am completely stumped.

    Following the FSM test procedure, I replaced the air bag/clockspring with an air bag simulator.
    Found here:

    Code 13 remains.

    The FSM then tells me to unplug the diagnostic monitor and check 4 pins for resistance. All pins are within the correct resistance range. None seem to be shorted to ground.

    This is the end of the FSM procedure. It seems like it is saying that since I eliminated the possibility of the air bag/clock spring being bad that the short MUST be one of these circuits, but it isn't.

    (There is more to the test procedure that I didn't bother typing out, but I did follow the entire procedure, which was extremely vague and non-intuitive)

    Am I missing something here?

    Are there any more direct/easier ways to figure out the problem than the FSM test procedure?

    If you can help, but need more information, I can upload a scan of the FSM procedure pages. I would appreciate any input before I dump more money into having a tech look at it.

  2. Mine had the same problem only its a 92. Everything checked out good but I had the same code. I ended up having to replace the airbag module. I used one from a crown Victoria and now the code disappeared. I think the 93s have the module under the passenger seat, but mine was behind the dash. I got my module for 10 bucks from a local salvage yard. May be worth at least trying if you can get one cheap.

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  3. Thanks, I have read similar experiences elsewhere.

    While I have it out, I might throw a new clockspring in there. I already have purchased a junkyard module.


    Is a continuity test sufficient? How can I test for an internal short to ground?
  4. FYI: I replaced the module and all codes went away.

    I hope they will stay that way. Thanks for the heads up.