93 Mustang GX?

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  1. Hello! I'm new to the forum, and i'd like to know if anyone has heard of the Mustang GX? I saw in one of the magazines from 3 or 4 years ago an article about this Stang - it was a dealer option in 93 from a dealer here in Georgia. Supposedly, only 4 were made. It was supposed to be an LX model upgraded with Saleen-style body kit, and lots of speed parts. If anyone reading this owns one, or knows someone that does, please let me know!!! thanks!!:shrug:
  2. Sounds like a dealer installed (and devised) option only. I've never heard of that from Ford, so it may have been a creation by that dealership. If that's the case, the value would not be anything substantial.
  3. In early Foxes they made a GLX, being the more luxurious model, replacing the ghia... but i've never heard of a late fox GX...:shrug:
  4. They were built by John Bleakley Ford in Lithia Springs, GA. They had Saleen body kits, aftermarket heads, a supercharger, and afew other bolt ons. I know the guy who owned the one that was the featured car in the magazine you mentioned. It was just a dealer program. Not sure how many were built.
  5. Thank God someone else has heard of it. I've posted asking about that car on two other Mustang boards, and everyone thought I was crazy. They said I was confused with a GLX. Yeah I saw something about it in a magazine once. But I thought it said it they were made in 1989. I also think it said one of them was wrecked.

    The one I saw was orange with black racing stripes.
  6. Yea ive never herd of a gx, ive got a mustang glx, but thats the closest i have seen to a gx, im gona have to agree with the others it was probobly a dealer only option.
  7. yeah, it had the lic plate " RARE GX " .
  8. My buddy almost bought one of these!!!!

    Yeah, I remember my buddy showing me pics of this Mustang he went and test drove. I had never seen it before but he told me this particular dealership produced a couple of these cars. I think it had 17" Boyd billets on it too. But I'll never forget that paint scheme it looked hot. He still kicks himself for not buying the car although his custom 87 is very sweet and very fast.

  9. I've got #2 right now

    There were 4 made. #1 was kept by the dealer, We have #2, #3 was in the magazine and #4 was wrecked if I'm not mistaken. This is a buddies car and made over 450 hp at the rear. I'm porting the heads and changing the injectors and pump on it. This car will spin the tires going into 4th at about 100 mph. Nitto drag radials are worthless, but we have some new slicks for it. I thought he was crazy too when he told me it was a GX. They are real. The #2 car was a GT body converted, boxed in control arms, roll bar, super charger, aluminum heads,GT 40 upper and lower intake, frame connectors, ReCarro seats, the only thing I dont like are the wheels, there kinda ugly. I'll try to get some pics for you guys.
    Update: There were 5 made but #5 was never registered. I'm talking to the dealer to try to get more info or some ads for you guys. Pics are being developed now.
  10. GX pics

    Finally got some good pics of it.
  11. future values could go up if this is documented. remember the yenko, dana, or the baldwin camaros, nova, and vettes?