93 mustang notchback 3300 OBO

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  1. 3300 OBO This is a Steal "Car was bought for $5500 I have put $1500 into, do the math" First person with a decent offer, car is gone, for those who dont already know, losing my job, with bills coming up and Christmas time around the corner that is the only reason for my crazy price drop. 93 mustang converted to 5.0, bbk long tubes, 4;10 rear, trans was just rebuilt by the roush guys, just did a new clutch stock, new flywheel stock, new battery, belt, alternator, and adjustable clutch cable. the car runs good but the rear brakes just went out so need to be replaced, needs an alignment. gauges are off as most mustangs. other then that care runs good, clutch cable needs to be adjusted. $70 header lock bolts, dont have to worry about gasket leaks anymore. CALL ME OR TEXT ME 323.590.6178.

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  2. Location?
  3. ok you bet!! i did the math and heres what i came up with.

    Used Car Value - Ford Mustang Sedan 2D LX (V8)
  4. crap i did the math wrong. you said that was converted to a 5.0. heres the correct math that i did.

    Used Car Value - Ford Mustang Sedan 2D LX
  5. I always hated math.
  6. You guys know the NADA is complete bull when it comes to specialty cars. Show me a clean notch for under $3000. If its clean and fairly unmolested those numbers can go waaay up. I've seen it.

  7. thats what Im saying^..Im still wondering if the car is for sale and where its located
  8. North American area code 323 is a California telephone area code which covers, roughly, the area of central Los Angeles (including Hollywood but excluding ...
  9. still around?
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