93 mustang starter relay/solenoid wiring

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  1. I think I have my relay (some call it a solenoid, but I'm talking about the one on the D side fenderwell) wired incorrectly. Can anyone help me get it wired right? A picture would be great, or a diagram would help too.

    Here's how my relay is wired:
    The relay has 2 big posts and one small terminal (which has the wire from the ignition snapped onto it).
    On one big terminal closet the battery the wiring is the black cable from the starter (I believe) and another black cable that is bundled with a red cable (only the black cable is connected to this post).
    On the other big terminal closet the firewall the wiring is the positive red cable from the battery, the red cable that is bundled with a black cable (mentioned above), a black and white striped cable with a big silver block thing on the wire, a yellow cable with a small black thing near the end of the wire, and a yellow cable.
  2. The side closest to the battery should have just the stater cable the other side should have the battery cable and all the rest of the cables and then just put the conector on the small threaded poast! that simple:)
  3. 16vstang - thats how I had it wired and it was just starting on its own. So I put this black cable, that is bundled to a red cable, on the post with the starter cable and it quit starting on its own. But now I've got the starter still engaged

    Evintho - thanks for the pic, its slightly different unfortunately...I'll try getting a pic and posting it tomorrow
  4. here is my 92... just ignore the red arrow, this pic was originally taken for something else...


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  5. the 91-93 should be wired like the 92 pic the 90 and older were wired like the 88 pic they changed to the mini starter design in 90 :)
  6. WTF...thats how I had mine but everytime I just put the neg lead on the battery (after I put in a new starter) the car would immediately start by itself

    Dr. Elusive, is the other red cable thats on there (not the one from the battery) is it bundled to a black cable? If so, do you have them both on the same post? If I'm seeing it correctly, you basically have the black cable from the starter on one post and everything else on the other post?
  7. no, the thick wire from the starter is on the same post as the battery, the skinny wire from the starter is on the other.

  8. Is the thick wire from the starter the black one with the red end?
  9. How it's wired now:



    Ok these two wires are on the post nearest the battery:
    This wire (from the ignition) snaps into the small top terminal - Im not really worried about this one:
    This is the black wire thats bundled to the red wire - currently I have this black wire on the post nearest the battery and its bundled (barely pictured) to the red wire on the other terminal. I'm actually not sure where it comes from:
    Heres the cable from my starter, its on the post nearest the battery:
    These two black cables hanging off the nearest-battery-side post are on that post together right now:
    All the cables (the one in my hand with the silver block on it is on the other post furthest from the battery):
    This yellow cable with the black on it, in my hand, is on the post furthest the battery:
    This other yellow cable in my hand is also on the post furthest the battery:
    All of these cables I'm holding are on the same post, the one furthest the battery. That big thick black cable (has some red) is connected directly to the positive battery terminal.:

    These are the bundled cables I keep mentioning. Originally they were on the same post, but my car kept starting by itself so I put them on opposite posts and it quit starting on its own. But when it starts it sounds like the starter is still engaging, so I don't know if I should have done that. The red cable with the black accordian wrap on it is on the post furthest the battery. The black cable, right on top of the winshield fluid resevoir, is on the post nearest the battery:
  10. Anyone want to take a crack at it?
  11. it looks correct to me, I wonder if your igntion switch has gone bad holding it in Crank mode, Or possibly the selinoid is stuck. I would break out the multimeter, check the trigger wire, and the selinoids. (fender and starter) i think talking about starters has jinxed me. Mine went out yesterday.

  12. Dr - I say enough with stupid starters, lets just roll start our cars from now on: itll save money, reduce stress, and provide a good workout

    With that said, I'll get back on top of fixing my starter problem.
  13. Ok I still dont know what I'm doing, I've tried a whole bunch more stuff to no success. Does anyone have a 2.3L 91-93 mustang in SouthEastern Michigan that would let me look at their wiring for their starter relay for like 10 mins!?!? I'd really appreciate it.
  14. Ok I fixed the car. If anyone ever has any trouble with this feel free to ask me, because I spent a lot of time dealing with this. Basically, the fix was the wiring on the Starter Relay on the Fender. The wires from the split cable that I refer to earlier have to be on seperate terminals on the starter relay. So my black wire from the split cable is on the terminal nearest the battery, and that is the only cable on there. The red cable from the split cable is on the other terminal nearest the firewall, which also has the positive cable from the battery on it (2 other yellow cables, an all black wire that I earlier had on the other post, a black and white stripped wire). So the black wire from the split cable (I believe the split cable is to the starter) goes on one terminal, and all the other wires go on the other terminal.
  15. duh jonjonjonjon thats what dude told you in the first place
  16. I'm not sure if you are still around ten years later, but I discovered this post and I'm experiencing an issue with the metal box directly behind the starter relay. I need to know the name of the metal box so I can replace it. I think it's an issue with mine.
  17. What are the two little boxes attached to the terminals. The reason I ask is I just bought a 1993 Ford Mustang Gt and I have a not start situation. I bought the car knowing there was an issue. These boxes are not attached but are still attached to the wires could this cause a not start situation ?