93 Mustang Tachometer and Check Engine issue

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  1. I have a 93 Mustang with a 2.3L 4 cylinder automatic and Im having some issues.

    My tachometer started acting up a few days ago, it would start out fine then the needle would drop to a lower rpm than the engine was doing, then it would bounce back, no problem.

    Then today the needle dropped and the check engine light came on, once the needle went back to normal the light went out. It did this a few more times when I came home.

    Has this happened to anyone else and can anyone advise me on whats going on and how to fix it?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  2. I have had this same issue since I added my AutoMeter tach. The tach. sensor wire(Working your dash tach) feeds through your DIS module. It's a tan wire on the bottom harness('93 N/A). I have had my check engine light o for the longest time, and I do not know how to get this light off..
  3. I had a similiar problem in my 91 lx. It turned out to be the Ignition Module most part stores can test them.About $140 to replace.Leave you battery diconnected for at least 20 mins and light should go out. I have heard rumors that if you disconnect your battery cables from the battery and touch them together it will clear the memory stored in the eec-iv.
  4. Hi,

    If your tach is acting up, its probably the ICM. You might be throwing codes 213 and 214 (i believe thats the codes). Most autoparts stores should be able to test your ICM.

    Its a quick and easy fix.

  5. ive got a similiar problem my tach doesnt go over 2k and the check engine lights been on since i got the comp and i do believe its throwing a 214 code too
  6. icm and coil packs will throw codes 223 and 224. If you tach is erratic and dropping to 1/2 its probably the icm, but could be a coil pack too. Make sure you buy those parts from a local parts store with some kind of warranty so if needed its close to replace. There are several posts on here about icms and coil packs... let "search" be your friend.

    If you still don't find your answer plz ask, maybe myself or someone else could help.