'93 N/A Rough Idle. Please Help...

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by Black'93, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hey, I am a long time looker, but first time poster on this site. I have a '93 2.3L N/A with 163,xxx miles on the clock that is pretty much stock aside from dual exhaust. I haven't really driven this car in a few months( Owning a few cars will do this, LOL), and I went to drive the car today. The car starts fine, and idles for roughly 5 seconds. Then the Stang will shut down unless I feather the gas pedal. I thought Hmm... Let's try to start again. Same thing.. I pop the hood and look around. I know that the IAC control valve on these are picky, so I take it apart to clean and re-assemble. I also clean and re-oil my K&N. I try to start again, and the same rough idle is still there. I also disconnect the battery, and re-connect. I also swapped out for a new fuel filter. It's idling a bit better, and stumbling to keep an idle. I take the car out for a drive that's about 70 Miles. When the car is in motion the car runs perfectly, and does not miss or hesitate( Like it should), but when I come to a stop, or a down shift the car will sometimes keep a rough idle, or stall out all together. I started the trip with roughly half tank full of gas ( That has been in the car for awhile). I'm thinking that I have some old/bad gas in the tank? I have always used 93 octane only for the life of owning the car.. Towards the end of the trip I had a quarter tank of gas, and filled up the tank with 93 Octane; thinking that if I mix the old with the new it may burn better?? Driving roughly 20 miles like this it's still the same idle issue. So I'm asking for any ideas, or reasons to my car not running like it should. The only other thing I could think is my DIS module. The car has existing( From prior maintenance/service myself) new coil packs, plugs, and wires, so I wouldn't think to myself this would attribute to the problem.. Any help would be appreciated, and many thanks..

  2. I think that the iac gets its info from the ecm from the maf sensor. Might try to clean it with some MAF cleaner. I know I cleaned my iac just recently and it seems to be idling much better. Give it a shot.
  3. +1 Clean that MAF!!!!!
  4. Hey to all. Thank you for the input. I haven't been here in a few days. I will definitely clean the MAF. I could see that being a problem that I overlooked. I'll just have to find my safety Torx bits. I have honestly gotten into Subaru's, and forgot the basics of a Ford. It;s just so much fun going off in the dirt. Thanks again to all that have helped!!