Progress Thread 93 Reef Blue Coupe - Paint Questions

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  1. The trim pieces came out nice SAM_3564.JPG
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  2. This guy isn't fuggin around!
  3. I also decided to paint what Ford didn't want to
    SAM_3380.JPG SAM_3449.JPG SAM_3455.JPG SAM_3459.JPG
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  4. Nice job man! Very nice on painting that metal brace. Makes me want to pull and do mine!
  5. I scratched up the inside of the quarter windows trying to remove some terrible purple tint that was on them. I found some decent ones off a 90 SSP car on Ebay. I'm going to redo those and throw them on when I get the car painted, eventually...
  6. Thanks! If you ever have the dash out, go for it! It's so frustrating all the little corners Ford cut that could have made these cars last longer :mad:
  7. I'm digging this thread.
  8. My factory dash pad was starting to do the usual, the foam was pulling away from the metal backing. Otherwise it was in great shape so I tried to save it. I cleaned it up as well as I could, scraping away some of the old foam off the metal. Then I applied a healthy amount of 3M black super weatherstrip adhesive(be careful not to get any on the front;)). I made sure it was formed the way I wanted and then I wrapped the crap out of it with painters tape. I let it sit for a couple days and it turned out great! It probably will only last a couple more summers, but at least I didn't have to buy a new one!
  9. Are you leaving that piece opal grey? Nice work on getting it stuck back to the metal backing.
  10. I have an extra dash pad, I'm thinking of having it wrapped in black suede with red stitching. Sat in a Lambo with suede and it looked awesome, so I may try it on the pad.
  11. Thanks, I'm glad it turned out pretty well. I am leaving the dash pad opal gray along with the door panels and center console. I'm going for a black and gray theme and will add black accents to the door panels and other places. I don't have the heart to spray dye my original factory pieces.
  12. Go for it! Suede is sexy! I tried to wrap one in black vinyl, but had issues with it sticking out too far. I think you'd have to remove some of the original pad to make room for the new wrap. Otherwise it might not sit flush and the vents may be a tight squeeze.
  13. My headliner got trashed from years of trying to fit things that shouldn't be in a coupe. Like surfboards and drum sets and various lumber. So I found this gem in a little blue coupe in the junkyard. It does have a map light hole, but it was in great shape and I took that too!


    I had to scrape off all the old nasty foam

    Almost done

    Then I sanded down the cardboard to get all the old adhesive residue off

    Line up the headliner fabric and spray it down with 3M. Doing half at a time makes it way easier

    Wait for it to get tacky and carefully lay it flat. BAM, factory fresh!
  14. So curious, did you install that dual dome light or was it factory? I just have the single rectangle one.
  15. That's my stock dome light. I tried to retrofit the rectangle one, but it was too much effort...
  16. Very nice! It makes sense that it's the factory light since it's a'93. Looks like they just threw in a light from a '94.

    That headliner looked great as it was. That's one way you can tell if an old car was garage kept or not.
  17. Thanks! I may still try to make an older dome light work. The map light and that dome light might look weird together. I had to throw that one in to hold it in place.
  18. Starting to look like a car again :D
  19. Nice!!! ....Paint the pad, a/c vent and glove box, leave the center console gray, .....would look WAY better.
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  20. I agree. The gray glovebox/pad area throws it off a little. It's not terrible just I think it would look better in black.