Electrical 93 ssp coupe dash harness problems

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mustangblk90, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. IMG_0097.JPG IMG_0098.JPG i just bought a 93 ssp 5.0 5-speed coupe and the dash was swapped out for a non-airbag dash and so was the harness and the guy before me cut the harness up where it exits the firewall on the drivers side i still have both the black and gray plugs but also alot more wires my problem is im not getting dash lights and no turnsignals. my question is could i just buy a new 87-89 harness or should i go back with a 90-93. i had to jump the black plug at the headlight side to get lights but that left the black plug from the dash unplugged, ive got igniton hooked up so only thing left is lights so im confused what to do, plus the car had a small engine bay fire so thats also what im dealing with but ive looked no wires under the dash were touched your input will help alot thanks.
  2. Your best bet is a late 92 or 93 5.0 Mustang wiring harness. They had the fuel pump relay under the hood, which was the stock location for those models. All the rest had the fuel pump relay under the seat, which means you might have to re-wire the fuel pump circuit. I won't recommend that unless you are a real electrical whiz and can fix any kind of automotive electrical problem.
  3. the car is carb so no worry about fuel pump relay and if i swap to a 92-93 harness wont i have to swap to a 90-93 dash and cluster too?