93 stereo installation

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  1. Hey guys...

    It's been a few years...so can someone remind me how to plug and play an aftermarket stereo into a 93 that has the amp under the seat?

    I know the amp won't be used any longer..I'm just trying to recall where the harness adaptor plugs in.

  2. The best way to do this is reach up behind the metal part of the dash behind the radio. Find find the plug that is push pinned into the metal. This go to the speakers directly, unplug the amp harness from it and then you have removed the amp issue completely. Use the 2 plugs to wire as you normally would.

    I have pics ill post them if I find em.
  3. very good pics.
  4. thankyou.

    I just went through this mess a few months ago.
  5. Hi, I have a 93 and cant seem to figure this out. The previous owner did it another route but now doesnt work. What wires can I tap the CD player directly to the speakers? I want to delete the amp. I have a feeling thats the problem.

    Thanks Moses
  6. whats left BTW.
  7. I'm attempting an install myself. Please check out my pics and see if you can help me. The car had no stereo when I got it in November and I've just starting driving it. I removed the factory amp when I installed new carpet. I'm thinking there should be 2 seperate harnesses, a power harness and a speaker harness, but the hacked off wires is all I have to work with (unless they tucked something waaay up underneath the dash). Please help if you can.:nice:

    What the idiot left me that had this car previously:

    What I'm trying to install:

    What Crutchfield sent me to wire it up with. The harness lying on the instructions is from the new head unit:
  8. Bonestock, that setup crutchfield sent you will work. But you will have to route the bypass harness under the pass. seat. The easier way to go about this is (as stated previously in this post.) Get on your pass. floor board and look under the dash where the front of the center console. About where the rear of the factory sterio would sit, but on the outside of the console bracketry. there will be two rectangular plugs, relatively the same shape. One grey and one black. You have a factory amped system thats been hacked. Finding and using these plugs will allow you to completely bypass the factory amp setup, as this is where the amped system "piggy-backs" onto a regular system. Use those plugs and save yourself the headache. As long as the hack didnt get to them to...
  9. View attachment 263564

    WILL or CAN I still use the amp this way? Looks like it still all connects from the deck to the amp under the seat to the speakers. Am I correct?

    Thanks for all your help guys.
  10. Westtx, they did that mes to bypass the amp. And to answer the plug questions, yes your smaller black plug would go to the plug with the blue cable, however with the wiring in it's current state the signal would not reach the speakers. You can bypass the mess by finding the plugs shown in 5.0drops first pic. They are on the pass side between the front of the console bracket and glovebox. (See my previous post for more detail) You will need a different black (Speaker) adapter (wal mart usually has 'em) But this will save you a LOT of headache...
  11. Update: Its fixed! I found the harness under the dash BEHIND the temp controls and tapped in the new Spectra Kit from Wall Mart. The METRA one is garbage. Didnt work for me with too many extra wires for $20. The $6 Wall Mart kit worked perfect though. Plug and play.

    Now I gotta clean up all that extra wiring the previous owner tangled up in there. lol Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks 2BADSTANGS. I'll see what I have left under there. So are you saying the wires that are there dangling are now of no use if I can find the 2 harnesses you mentioned. I apologize for my ignorance, if there's one area of automotive knowledge I stink at, it's electrical. I'm just confused still on where the speaker wires are hiding, unless it's one of the 2 plugs you mentioned. Also, just to be clear, I removed the factory amp during a carpet install, so the blue wire you see goes to nothing now.
  13. Yes, the blue cable is nothing now. The amp is garbage too. Just look very closley behind the temp controls under and pull the plug from the back. After this its self explanatory. :nice:

    Thanks 2BADSTANGS! :SNSign:
  14. Bonestock, when you find the plugs I was referring to, the speaker wires are all in the black plug. And, yes all of those "other" wires are unused. Just post up if you run into any other issues. Let us know how it all works out!
  15. Here's the view from the passenger floor well.

    Assuming I can figure out how to unplug them, I may have further questions. I really appreciate the help!

    Update: Ok, so the gray plug is the power supply, got that. My Crutchfield supplied harness will plug right in. Now the speakers, the black plug supplied by Crutchfield does not plug into the speaker's harness. Will I just have to use the factory speaker plug in and wire that to the deck's harness? I'm such a novice at this....................
  16. Is not your fault, your going through the same crap I did. Go to Wall Mart and get the cheap brand plug-ins. It'll work.
  17. Woo Hoo, it's alive! Thanks West Texas and 2BADSTANGS! I ended up wiring up the factory speaker harness directly to my receiver's harness. the factory power harness is now somewhere in a land fill. :D

    Stangnet is the stuff!:flag:
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