93 stereo installation

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  1. very good pics.
  2. Really been struggling to make sure I have this correct. Do I plug in the aftermarket stereo plugs to the location under the dash where I removed the gray and black connectors from or do I plug them into the gray and black connectors with the arrows?

  3. You'll use the ones under the dash, your aftemarket kit should be the gender of the ones with the arrows...
  4. Bump due to related content.

    I'm putting the 1993 style cd player, amp and wiring into my 88.

    I'll plug the amp wiring into the factory harness, Mount the amp under the seat and connect to the head unit.

    But, two questions.

    #1 are the door speakers wired for 6 speakers even if the car came with only 4? My 1988 wrong diagrams show another connector in the kick panels and then into the doors. I need to pull my door panels off and look

    #2 it looks like the door and dash speakers are wired in parallel from the diagrams. Do I use 4 ohm replacement speakers? Or do I need 8 ohm or 2 ohm? What are the oem premium speakers rated at? Anyone have one kicking around?

    Also, how is the amp mounted under the seat? I have the amp and wiring, but not the mounting plate. Anyone have one? Anyone have a pic of how the amp mounts under the seat and maybe how the wiring runs under the seat?