~93 Teal Cobra Terminator Swap TVS 2.3 True Forged!~

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  1. Got to tune a friends car today up at True Street Motorsports in McKinney, TX.

    Also took a few pictures while I was there.

    The car is a 93 Cobra with a Terminator swap. The car has a 2.3 TVS making 19 psi. Full return style fuel system and E85 of course!

    Car Dyno'd at 677.22 RWHP and 606.93 RWTQ!

    He just got the car running and needs to finish he interior and put a hood on it.

    It is truly one Bad Ass Ride!












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  2. Here are a few videos from the dyno.

  3. Very nice!
  4. It's nice, but it ain't teal.
    I like the color much better than teal actually.
    It wasn't what I was expecting.
  5. whats the setup in the rear im lovin it.
  6. What a beauty, and what a beast ! And the pictures are utterly amazing (what kind of camera was used ?) I helped my son (67Coupe on here) swap a Termi engine into his 89 LX. Now it really rips ! We have a couple of videos up on YouTube.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCO_tyW02rA
  7. That's amazing!

  8. I've done a couple mod swaps, but I used the entire harness front to back and did the dash swap. I see you kept the old column and fox keys. Did you get rid of PATS? Did you retain any fox wiring at all?