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  1. I have a 1993 COBRA mustang for sale it has 14,000 miles, all original except for battery, asking $40,000.
  2. WTF? Are you for Real?
  3. hahahaha! I hope it works out for you, though.
  4. Nothing like listing a $40k car that's worth $15k without a single picture or a way to get in contact with you...
  5. :worthlesb

  6. Good grief, is it loaded with bags of gold?

    I have an 87GT for sale all original except for everything under the hood and inside. Asking 65K OBO :D
  7. that one is actually a cobra R so still cant see 115000 but still worth alot though
  8. I wouldn't give him 12K; they are nothing special... on 2nd thought, 9.5K.
  9. I was being nice, I too would not spend anywhere near $10k for any fox.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.