SOLD 94-04 Black Leather Mustang Cobra Steering Wheel Oem

Jun 9, 2003
Listed is the leather wrapped black steering wheel that I had in my 98 Mustang Cobra. Should fit 94-04 SN95/"New Edge" Mustangs this is a great steering wheel!

This is currently located in Springfield, VA (22152) and I am asking $160/obo

This includes:
1998 Cobra Steering Wheel
OEM SN95 Steering Wheel Cruise Control Switch Set
cover that fits behind steering wheel (see images)
Misc. connections hardware (screws) that are needed to reassemble.

This doesn't include:

Let me know if you have any questions or need to see more pictures.
Pictures provided are of the actual item listed.

IMG_2671.jpg IMG_2672.jpg IMG_2686.jpg IMG_2687.jpg IMG_2688.jpg
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