94-04 Gt Calipers On 65-73 Drum Spindles

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  1. Hi everyone. I thought to myself the other day, it'd be cool if you could retain stock wheels or 15" wheels but have great disc brakes. I know you can use granada or stock style kh brakes to do that. But I thought I could do it better. Well I have done it. I have made a bracket that will allow you to mound 94-04 mustang v6 or gt calipers to your v8 spindles. You will use 68-73 mustang rotors on your car and then will my bracket you'll be able to bolt on 94-04 calipers. For i6 cars and or 68-73 disc spindles I'm working on brackets to do the same for you.
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  3. We all enjoy reinventing the wheel. ;) I have a small collection of cars in my back yard. Got to looking at all the brake swap options out there, and I figured I could swap Lincoln Mk VII rotors to my '67 spindles (with a bit of help from the Timken bearing catalog). I have a '95 Taurus with similar brakes to the '94-'04 Mustang, and I thought, all I need is a bracket.....
  4. Ok did you want me to help design one
  5. Nice of you to offer. I may need help, and your brackets look really nice. I'll let you know.
  6. hey true, you think if i got you the info for a '61 Ranchero, you could tell me what i need to do to? i dont want to use that Scarebird setup on it. too scary looking
  7. For sure what year? And what ya looking to put on it
  8. Sorry didn't realize you said 61. Can you do me a favor and pull the drum and give me an estimate on center to center mounting and that on the bolts
  9. I'm pretty sure those spindles are the same as mustangs but not sure
  10. What size wheels do you want to run?
  11. sorry for not replying sooner. i found a complete kit to run 61 hubs and rotors with the kelley hayes calipers, then i can get the geo metro/suzuki esteem power brake unit/Pvalve and put in since its so dang tight in there. thanks tho
  12. Kelsey Hayes
  13. If you use that booster you'll need to move down your pedal pin. You'll want aleast a 1" bore master cylinder. If you don't do that you'll hate it your pedal will be way to soft almost to the floor.
  14. ok, ill remember that. thanks
  15. I'd go to mustangsteves site he sales the pin for the pedal and the plate that you have to weld to the pedal support or your firewall may flex and crack it's not very heavy duty metal
  16. chero pedal already does go to the floor. LOL. ill buy that for both cars payday
  17. Alright just thought I'd save you some time scratching your head.
  18. thanks again. gives me some extra time to scratch it on a different part of the puzzle
  19. Welcome if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask