94-04 Mustang Seat Upholstery has been released!!

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    The first to the fence to have them up is 5.0 Resto! They have our 94-98 line already up on their site (see link below) and are currently working on the New Edge - please look for the TMI logo before you buy!

    1994 Mustang Seat Upholstery at LRS - Same Day Shipping!

    If your favorite source for Mustang Parts does not have them up yet, give them a call - they may not have the items up on the site just yet (this takes time), but they are able to give you a quote and take your orders over the phone.

    We have the 94-04 ready to roll in both leather and vinyl, the cloth options are simply in interlude tweed as the original material is only available as NOS. Also, as promised - we are currently patterning the following:

    01 Cobra
    01 Bullitt
    03-04 Cobra
    03-04 Mach 1

    We'll also be releasing these upgraded patterns to fit over 94-98 GT frames - so all of you SN95 guys will be able to rock a perfect fit 03 Suede Cobra seat on your stock frames. Another trick up our sleeve is we plan to adjust the stock 99-04 GT pattern to fit over the 03-04 Cobra/Mach 1 foam - the result will be one wicked GT SPORT seat!! :nice:

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

    TMI - American made Mustang Interiors for your American made muscle car. :flag:
  2. do you have 94-98 seat foam yet?
  3. Good questions - YES.

    We all know that in 94-98 Ford did us the favor of actually injecting the foam into their upholstery.... fun fun. In order to replace the front buckets on the 94-98 models you'll need to buy both the new foam and the new upholstery - We meticulously took the time to mold out the original foam as a separate entity - just like any Fox or New Edge.

    We'll be releasing a step by step instructions/video soon to walk you through the install :)
  4. Will the Cobra/Mach 1 foam fit over the 94-98 seat frames, or is that what you were saying you're working on?
  5. The stock foam definitely will not fit over the earlier seats - we'll be working on it. We're looking at next spring-summer before that is available thought (it's a painstaking process , as you can imagine).
  6. I'm definitely interested in getting the Mach 1/Cobra foam and the matching covers in my car. Look forward to hearing if you're able to come out with foam that fits over the 96-98 seat frames :nice:
  7. Damn... I really want to do this, but the cost is just too much for me...

    Maybe further down the road.

    Any indication on a replacement leather wrap for a 98 gt steering wheel???
  8. sorry - no plans for any steering wheel wraps.

    The seats aren't going anywhere, so take your time :)
  9. I want to see the GT skins with the Cobra foam!!!
  10. Out of curiousity is there any talks about headrests? For instance, if you buy the Mach/Cobra/Bullitt seats how do you replicate the headrests?
  11. Couple of questions..

    If I want the bullitt pattern for my 2000 GT, do I need to buy seat foam?

    What color suede will you offer for cobra seats?
  12. Yeah I'm really interested in this too. I'd love me some 03/04 Cobra seats in my 98 without having to shell out the $$$ for actual Cobra seats.
  13. Interested in whats needed to have 03/04 cobra style seats in my 02gt. cobra foam+covers?
  14. Subscribing. My 2001 seats need a refresh, and the parchment interior makes it difficult to find a color match in the aftermarket.
  15. Is that OEM DARK BLACK or is that the later released Dark Charcoal Black? Looks like the latter...

    I had a company replace one of my leather seats in my '98 vert GT and it was Dark Charcoal Black and did not match at all. I made them find the correct Black.
  16. Nice nice, but what about the people with white leather interior? I dont want it. Just wondering?
  17. I saw a sample of the convertible rear seat in white leather so I'm pretty sure it can be done...
  18. 1) Yes
    2) all that were stock :)

    Bullitt/SVT Cobra/Mach 1 upholstery and Foam have NOT been released yet.
    That will be closer to the first of the year.
    Currently only the 94-04 GT Coupe & Vert is available.
  19. Yes sir - You'll need Cobra Foam & Cobra Upholstery, but the GT frame will be the same.

    We're looking at releasing these first quarter of 2012
  20. Shoot me a PM w/ your address and i'll get you a sample of the parchment we are using.