94-04 Mustang Seat Upholstery has been released!!

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  1. 94-98 Black
    99-04 Dark Charcoal.

    Shoot me a PM w/ your address and i'll send you a sample of the colors we're using.
  2. White leather is def an option - samples would have to be sent first though.

    Sorry for the late responses guys - was at SEMA all last week :)
  3. Hi. I have a '96 Cobra that needs foam in the driver's seat only. The CJ site says Ford glued the foam to the rear seats, but is that also true in the front? I really can't spend over $1000 to replace the driver's side foam. Thanks for any info.

  4. Morning- and sadly the site is correct. From 94-98 Ford randomly chose to glue all of their upholstery directly to the foam. So you cannot replace the upholstery without changing the foam on the front buckets.
    If you opt to replace the front buckets only and not the back seat, you can purchase them in Vinyl without the pony logo for: $319.99 here:

    Then you can purchase the foams for $139.00 a piece:

    That's $280 in foam and $319.00 in upholstery. about $600.00 out the door.

    We only sell our upholstery as either Full Sets or Front Buckets only - not as single buckets. However, that doesn't mean you need to replace both if you do not need to.
    You could purchase the front bucket upholstery set and just one foam - fix your drivers seat - and order the second foam sometime down the road and replace it when it actually needs it - that'll save you $139.00

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. OK, thanks for the info. I want to stay with leather. I see on your site that leather front buckets are $574. Since you don't sell single buckets, that's the price for two seat covers then? That plus one foam isn't too bad. The leather's pretty worn anyway.

    Oh, and while we're at it, are the seat tracks you sell longer than the stock ones? My front-to-back motor is also bad. Although I'd like to retain up/down adjustment, I might just replace the power sled with a manual one.

  6. That's not 'our' site above - that is CJ's site that you originally referenced in your post above. But yes, they sell front bucket sets for $574.00 for both buckets without the Running Pony Logo. Then foams would be $140.00 per bucket.

    Sorry - I do not sell any seat frames or seat tracks. You would have to contact CJ Pony Parts customer service for that question.
  7. So, you don't offer 94-04 GT seats in Parchment? What about those of us with true 40th anniv. cars that would need the large headrests with our seats?
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  8. Hello - not sure what year your car is, but yes we offer the 94-98 seats in the Saddle leather & vinyl and the 99-04 seats in the factory Parchment, since CJ's site was linked in this thread above, I'll use theirs to showcase the color you are looking for:

    As for the Saleens - thank you very much for the offer, but as of right now it is not a pattern we are looking to offer.
  9. I am talking about the GT seats with the Cobra style head rest that came in the Mustangs with the 40th package. Maybe I may need to call when I place my order. Also, can I just order one seat?
  10. Would the seat foam fit the original seat covers? I would like to replace worn foam in stock seats where the leather is currently still good. Thanks
  11. @stangr5oh - not sure why you're posting up SVE exterior packages - we're discussing 94-04 TMI Upholstery and Foam - did you have a question about Upholstery I can help you with?

    It would depend on the year of your car. 94-98 foams will not work with the stock upholstery as Ford glued the upholstery to the foam. 99-04 will work just fine.
  12. Well I did, but nevermind after I saw how you doubled your shipping costs.

    Did not mean to hi-jack your thread though, my apologies and I deleted the post.
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  13. Again - I'm a bit lost. The link you posted was to Latemodel Restoration's site and their shipping cost - I work for TMI Products.
  14. My seats are from a 94. Passenger is perfect. Drivers backrest is perfect. I only need a seat bottom foam for the drivers side and I can live with the minimal damage in the bottom leather, but would replace the bottom leather if I could get a cover that matches the rest of the leather. If I am going to have to get new foam and covers for both seats just to fix the drivers bottom then I might put these seats in someone else's home. Hard to justify redoing them both completely to fix the drivers side bottom. Thanks for the info.
  15. Anyone wants to see firsthand what these look like I've personally done the TMI foams/upholstery. Did it all in a weekend. You will swear a lot, your fingers will be sore as hell, plastic grocery bags are a must and you'll also need to buy the CJP hog ring/plier kit, some upholstery foam glue and a few other misc things. I did mine in vinyl btw, yes vinyl. The TMI vinyl is actually nicer than the 94-04 OEM leather and this is coming from a guy who had a 95 Cobra with mint seats. This is not Grandpa's vinyl.







    edit: yes that is the same car. Interior was swapped right before I redid the seats.
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