94-04 Running Wires from 4 Channel Amp to Aftermarket Door Speakers

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  1. 94-04 Running Wires from 4 Channel Amp to Aftermarket Door Speakers
    I need details. How do I run 16 guage wire to the door speakers? There is a rubber grommet between the door and the car. I have been told that there is a level of difficulty because of a plastic "MOXLEY PLUG". Has anyone performed this during the install of their interior components?

    I am eliminating all of the interior components in my 2004 Cobra with the Mach System. I am running a 4 channel amp to all 4 interior Infinity Reference speakers
  2. Yeah, that is a pain to run new wire to the doors. Honestly, I Just used the the old speaker wire and it sounded fine to me. I did this in my old 96 Mustang that had 460 in it. I ran a 4 channel Alpine amp to Alpine Reference Speakers in the doors and rear deck.
  3. How did you get power from aftermarket amp to factory wires?

    I am responding to the previous post.

    You say that it was a pain so you decided to run your 4 channel amp to the factory wires, instead of running wire through the door to your aftermarket speakers.

    I'm sure it did sound fine.

    Now the question becomes how did you put your 4 channel amplifier's power to the factory speaker wire?

    To clarify. How did you get power from aftermarket amp to factory wires?
  4. The way I install 4 channel amps is that I run the speaker wires from the 4 channel amp up to the radio harness in the dash and connect them to the factory speaker wires there. On your 04 there is no amp for the tweeters so when you install your new door speakers you need to hook them up to the factory tweeter wires in the door, not the wires that go to the 5x7 speakers. When you remove the factory speaker pod thing below the rear deck you will need to also connect the new rear speakers to the factory tweeter wires. This way the entire factory amplified system is still in tact if you ever decide to put all the stock equipment back in the vehicle. Another reason that I do this is so I can run all my RCA cables, speaker wires and remote turn on lead together from the head unit area to the new 4 channel amp, greatly cutting down on install time. Hope all this makes sense and helps out.
  5. 2004 Mach. Amping the door speakers and tweeters.

    Hopefully I don't confuse you with all of this. I need help. Call me at 401-286-3363. If you can answer the highlighted questions I should be allright.

    Here is how I understand the 2004 MACH System. Please correct me where I am wrong...
    -The Head unit sends signal to the amps to power the (4) 5x7 and the tweeters but does so seperately.
    - The tweeters do run seperately from the 5x7's.
    -If I was to disconnect all (4) 5x7's the tweeters would still play because they are powered seperately.
    -My idea was to power the 5x7's with the 4 channel and to run wire from the Kenwood Harness (22rms) all the way to the tweeters.

    Here is where I am confused.When replacing the mach system...

    -Did you use an amplifier integration kit that retains the factory amps or did you bypass?
    -When you ran your 4 channel directly to the factory connection in the dash where did you connect it your 8 wires?
    -After you connected the 8 wires, how did the unamplifed signal get to the the speakers without going through the factory amplifiers?
    -When connecting the 8 wires to the factory connection is there any way that the signal will get to the 5x7's without the factory amplifiers?

    Good advice. But this leaves me confused. Are you sure that there is not a seperate amp for the tweeters? I thought that the there was an amplifier for the tweeters. So the tweeters piggyback the power from the 5x7?
  6. I assumed you were trashing the entire Mach system which is what I did in my old 96 Mustang. Meaning, no Mach Speakers, Mach Amps or Mach Head Unit.

    As for custom wiring a Mach/Aftermarket setup, that's one headache I won't tackle. The farthest I have ever gotten was just adding a subwoofer to my Mach 460 system in my 04'.

    This link may provide some insight in deciphering the engima that is the Mach 460 sytem.

  8. Good write up. I appreciate your time. I hope alot of people with concerns review this stuff but I am still unsure of a couple things...

    1.) When you say " You MUST hook them up to the factory wires that were connected to the stock tweeters or you will have no sound." I think what you are saying is...

    When directing power from your aftermarket 4 channel amp through the metra harness this will power the tweeters only. Thus, you must connect the 5x7's into the tweeter wire to get power? Is that correct? Did you use speaker wire to connect the tweeters to the 5x7's?

    2.)If so, because there are 2 speakers on the same circuit doesn't this change the impedence from 4 ohms to 2 ohms?

    3.) Two Options. Which is better...
    a. Running the aftermarket 4 channel amp through the metra harness, or
    b. Running 16 guage directly to the 5x7 3 way Infinity reference and seperately powering the factory tweeters WITH BASS BLOCKERS from the Kenwood 22rms?

    Thanks alot. Here is a diagram of what I had in mind.
  9. You are correct with hooking up the speaker to the tweeter wire. Simply run a short piece of speaker wire from the new speaker up to the location where the factory tweeter plugs into the factory wire. You will disconnect the factory tweeter, and only hook up the new speaker maintaining 4 ohms. When you get the door panel off this will be quite obvious what I am talking about. You CAN run the stock tweeter off the new deck with bass blockers, but I've tried this many times and I really don't suggest it. Once you install the new speakers, you will quickly realize that the factory paper cone tweeters don't sound very good, and I've also seen the internal amp on some radios cut out when using bass blockers. In my opinion, you will get better sound by getting rid of all the factory speakers. If you are using 3 way 5x7's, you really don't need more tweeters.

    If I had to chose one of your options I would go with (a) as this will sound better.