94 3.8ltr Head gasket recall.

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  1. Has anybody gone back after FoMoCo for reimbursement on this recall?

    The way I understand it, in 2002, they extended the warranties on the 94 3.8 engines to 100,000 miles and through the end of '02 (it might have been '01).

    I had to replace the HG in the wife's mustang in Feb of '03 with only 72k miles on the clock. We never heard of the recall until last week, and when I went to the stealer they said;

    "No deal. The recall was only through the end of that year or 100k or less miles. Those are the numbers FoMoCo decided was the acceptable life expectancy of the HG on that model and year car/engine." I had a hard time swallowing the year thing. I know that time will kill anything, but in a situation like this, yeah it was another year older, but I am still 28k under the mileage limit. The HG should not have failed, and you already admitted that there was a problem with them failing.

    I had the job done at an independent mechanics shop, and the cost was near $1300, a fair chunk of change when one is unemployed and living off the wife's income.

    Any advice anyone?

    Anybody gone through this?

    Maybe an address to take this up with FoMoCo?

  2. I also went to Ford when mine went a couple years back and I was literally 1 day past the deadline and they wouldn't cover it. Ended up buying a motor from Jasper and having an independant shop install it for us.

  3. Sorry bro, once the deadline is past, you can forget about it. if they make 1 exception, they have to make it for everyone. you could have saved a ton by doing it yourself. I know this will hurt to hear it now, but those gaskets are cheap, and even if you had to buy tools, i imagine you could done it for under 200bucks
  4. It was also an extended warranty, not a recall. Unfortunately it has long passed and Ford will not cover it.
  5. i'm lucky my head gasket hasn't blown.... yet...
  6. General Recalls
    TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title
    00M10 APR 00 Campaign - Head Gasket Replacement
    95B79 JAN 95 Campaign - Keyless Entry System Transmitters

    As taken from alldata.com

    This reads as a recall, and the dealer that I spoke to said it was a recall. What really burns me is that of all the recalls that this model has had, my wife has not received one notice, and she is the first and original owner.
  7. Mine blew in my 93 Thunderbird. For wouldn't cover it, since it wasn't a 94, even though it was the same engine :bang:
  8. going through the same crap with my 95 3 8, doing it my self anything I SHOULD KNOW:bang:
  9. Blown headgaskets are a common problem with the 94-95 3.8L's.
    I say sell the POS and get a different car.
  10. On that note, i say you go jump off a cliff. I have a '94 and love it, so blow me.