94 5.0 Idle problem

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  1. Maybe someone can help. I have a 94 5.0 convertable that doesn't like to idle. When I got the car, the timing was severely off. I have played with it a bit, but when I time it according to the shop manual, the car won't hold an idle. The only way I can make it run halfway decent is to time it by "ear" :D After I did that, it runs o.k., but the timing is so far advanced that when I jump on it in 3rd gear, it starts to detonate... not good!


    94 5.0 Convertable
    JBA headers
    Bassani X-Pipes w/ Cats
    CDC side-exit exhaust
  2. I would set the timing to 10 degrees. If the car won't run @ 10 degrees, something else is wrong. Try running the codes and see what you come up with. Even if the check engine light doesn't come on, doesn't mean there aren't codes stored. Post back after you try this. Scott
  3. you did pull the spout correct? fi not then when you set the timing it would be severely retaded. Prob. already know this but you gotta start to diagnose somehwere. Is the balancer spinning on the crankshaft, our cars are notorious for that (kinda)

    just a starting point
  4. Yeah, I pulled the spout. Or at least I think thats what it was!.. I set the timing at 10 and the car wouldn't stay running. What kind of high-speed equipment do I need to check the codes?

    Thanks again!
  5. All you need to check the codes is a 4 inch piece of wire. Here is a link to instructions on how to run your own codes. But get a haynes manual, it will tell you the precise steps on how to run your own codes. http://www.allfordmustangs.com/Detailed/445.shtml The terminal is located on the passenger side shock tower. It should be "plugged in" to the rear side of the shock tower in this plastic case and it says "EEC Data Link" or something like that. Just use a jumper wire and connect the SIG RTN to the STI and it acts like a code reader. Read ALL THE WAY through the haynes manual section about running the codes for OBD I equipped cars. Ours is OBD I, which makes things easy. Post back if you have any troubles. Scott
  6. We call that pining , all stock 94-95 5.0 have that problem IN STOCK e7 HEADS , I fixed that with buying resistors part # 271-1128 from RadioShack

    here is a few links for help



  7. Thanks for the help! It kicked me back a few codes.. heres what I got: 113, 157,158, and 334. These were with the engine off. While running, it gave me no trouble codes, just the normal "111". The 157 and 158 kinda confused me because one is the mass air below the minimum voltage, and the other is the mass air being above the max voltage... how can it be both?