94-95 Cobra vs GT

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  1. 94 Cobra, red with saddle cloth int...1 of 208 here.
  2. If value is a concern don't modify a cobra as modficiations usually devalue a car unless selling to a fellow gearhead.
  3. Where do you guys frind these specs on number of cars built in a particular option?? My "new" 95 GT I know was special ordered, and I am curious if is a unique combo before I go modding it up heh..
  4. The power of Stangnet:SNSign: ...I was serachin the web:bang: for tech data on 95 Cobra's it linked me to this thread from 2004:D ...WOW how cool is that?

    Check out GT Jake's long ole detailed post...awesome information!
  5. 3.27s did come installed in the Cobra Mustangs. They have 351w engines.:D

    Cobra R Mustangs

  6. for what it costs to find a 94-95 cobra compared to a gt i would buy the gt and build it the way i wanted it...unless i found a 351 cobra then that would be great lol...

    and if i found a cloth cobra that would be awesome!! i never knew they existed and i absolutly hate leather period... i cant stand getting into my car in the summer and sticking to the seats
  7. I'm new to the forums here and I'm planning on buying either a 5.0 Fox mustang or a 94-95 Cobra, but comparing the Cobra against the GT, how reliably (stock form) is a Cobra over a GT?
    From what I've read, the 5.0L should be a strong motor, currently I have a 4.0L Ranger anda 4.6L TBird well over 200K and 300K respectibly.

    Any comments?
  8. They are the same reliability wise. The 5.0 is a great engine I've had three one of which had over 200,000 on it and it still ran very strong.
  9. Correct, you beat me to it. Does not to much good though Im still just barly touching 5,000 RPMS at the end of the 1/4 :notnice:

    I used to have a 95 GT and now have a 94 Cobra (351W) and its like comparing apples to oranges. Cobra FTW hands down
  10. Thanks for all the info, I'm also currently debating between a 94/95 GT or 94-95 Cobra. I think if I can find a Cobra in the 7000 range I will splurge and go for it.
  11. I paid 7500 for mine at thefirst of this year so you should be able to find something in that range.
  12. I am selling my 95 Black Cobra, cloth seats in autotrader. A couple of months ago, when I listed it, there were only a couple available and at $8500 mine was not out of line even with the high mileage. However, right after I listed it, several others were listed considerably lower. I need to reduce the price. You should easily be able to pick one up for $7000 - $7500 imo.
  13. Does anyone know where I can find out how many like mine were built? I have a Rio Red '94 Cobra with Black Cloth interior. FWIW I got mine for $5,500 with 99k miles on it.
  14. 1 of 333
  15. One of 268 94' Crystal White with black cloth #3806. As much as I like the Cobra I miss my old 93'. I would take a Cobra over a GT anyday though. It just seems like people see the snake and Oh! this is no regular mustang. I figure I will always have it so I am not worried about the value versus modifying issue and since I bought it to drive and enjoy I dont worry about the miles either. When its time, rebuild it.
  16. Mines 1 of 625 Rio Red 94's with Leather interior.
  17. 95 Cobra vs. 2000 GT

    Well, I have both the 95 Cobra and a 2000 GT. Before modding the GT, and with exhaust done to both, not much different at the track. Both feel about the same in the seat of the pants. Both were doing 14.2's at around 96-98 mph. Neither were hooking up very well.
  18. I have also wondered what the difference is in the radiator hoses. My factory hose has Cobra stamped on the bottom of it. I'm 99% sure it has the same radiator as the GT so I don't know why the hose is different.

    Also, I may have missed it above but the Cobra's had a leather wrapped shift knob and emergency brake handle.

    Here's a question for fellow Cobra nerds... has anybody ever seen a 94-95 Cobra with cloth or leather interior that DID NOT have a black leather shift knob and e-brake???
  19. yeah this thread popped up for me on a search for OEM 95 Cobra front floor mats.
    GTJake, as far as I know, the GT and Cobra came with the same K-member.
    If anyone has original OEM 95 Cobra floor mats with "COBRA" in white along the outboard sides and the floormats are the 94-98 true black color, send me an email with pictures to cobraman1024@yahoo.com