94-95 Cobra vs GT

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  1. while i replaced my motor and sold my old one, the guy who bought my motor saw my k-member and said mine was different from his because mine had a bunch of factory cut holes compared to his solid k member. my car is crystal white with black leather interior, cobra labeled steering wheel, crab claw wing, and originally no decal on the decklid if anybody cares.
  2. 3.08 gears are a standard package for the 94 and 95 Cobras, but there was an optional package for 3.55 gears, aluminum gt40 heads, and etc.
  3. Yeah stuff available from the Motorsport SVO Catalog but not a option package from the factory.
  4. They didn't roll off the assembly line with any options other than COLOR and Coupe or Vert.. That's it.. Period.

  5. Yeah on a clone converted v-6. LOL
  6. I'm not a big production numbers kind of guy, but you could get a Cobra-S with cloth seats. You could order the car with any gear option you want, even a 3.73:1. Never heard of getting them with aluminum heads though.

    My friend found a set of original Cobra floor mats on ebay recently. He was looking for like 7 years, and ended up paying $240 I think.

  7. PS:94-95 cobras were rated at 305 hp and gt's were 215. I remember this because at time I was like sht the z28 is rated at 275 hp and cost the same as the mustang gt that has 215. IF you wanted to run with the Camaros back then you had to pony up an extra ten grand or so and get the cobra
  8. The 96' Cobras were rated at 305hp. 94-95s only had 240 except for the R model, which they only made very few of.

  9. hey man i have one for sale in good condition needs a little interior work and a bit of paint...best part is im in NY pm me
  10. 3.27s did come installed in the Cobra Mustangs.

  11. No.. they did not