94/95 MAF install completed!

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  1. Well it took me 6 weeks but I have finally completed my 94/95 MAF install on my '92 5.0. Most of the time was spent doing an exhaustive search for a adapter so the MAF would attach to my cold air or for that matter any cold air intake. There simply is not a adapter available so I had to make my own. I ordered a sheet of 3/8" thick acrylic and a 3.5" outside diameter acrylic pipe. A friend of mine has a sign shop with a real nice lazer and he was able to map the MAF and cut the adapter. In the pic the "cracks" are not cracks but where the glue seeped between the 3/* and the pipe. Here's some pics of the adapter before it was installed.

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  2. Here's some pics of the MAF and adapter installed. For those of you who may be considering this there are a few things you will need to do. You must grind the ridge down on the outflowing side of the MAF so the rubber pipe coming from the throttle body will fit over the MAF. Then you have to cut the lower bend off of the rubber pipe so it will be short enough since the 94/95 MAF is longer than the stock MAF. Then you need to put the end of the rubber pipe that will go over the end of the MAF into boiling water so it will soften the pipe up. Then put a little 3 in 1 oil inside of the pipe and wrestle it onto the new MAF. Here's some pics of the completed installation.

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  3. NIce setup. I have the same thing with a metal adapter. I didn't need to do much of anything else but bolt on the adapter and use a little oil on the rubber flex duct.
  4. Ahhhh.... the ellusive non-existant adapter.... Like this one:


    or maybe.... this one!:


    The sneaky bastards... very cunning, they are. Nocturnal, so you can only see them at night. :rolleyes:
  5. As impressive as you think your easy find was none of those adapters will fit the MAF from a 94/95 Mustang. :notnice: The inlet is way too big for the Mustangs air filter hose and the bolt holes don't even come close to being right. Been there, tried that.
  6. Is there anywhere to get the proper adapter besides having to make your own?
  7. THC, I thought someone like JRichker had posted info on where to get the correct adapter before (and Andy always has good links up his sleeve, but we see there is some debate on that particular adapter). I thought Pro M used to sell an adapter. :shrug:

    The SN guys have to do the reverse engineering when running fox MAF's (albeit an easier task than what Maryland Stang did).

    In any case, MS, I like the look of that project (we think alike) - nice work getting something figured out. :nice:
  8. I spent a lot of time searching the Internet, eBay, Stangnet, Corral and numerous other forums in addition to making L/D phone calls and came up with nothing. There are numerous adapters to fit 80 and 90 MM MAFs but as I already stated they won't fit the 94/95 MAF. I could have bought a complete CAI for a 94/95 and just cut the adapter off of that but that route was kinda expensive. There are cheap CAIs on eBay but after buying 2 non-returnable MAF adapters off of eBay that the sellers said would fit my MAF but did not in fact fit I got a little gun-shy of going that way.
  9. Did you try the company that I posted. :) I'm "pretty sure" that other have used that adapter for a 94/95 MAF on a fox. :)
  10. I have an adaptor just like the one in that first picture and it fits like a glove. Everything lines up perfectly. I got mine from Pro-M awile back for about 30 bucks shipped. I had my meter bolted up and put on in less than 10 minutes. There are adaptors out there that will fit. THe SN95 meter is one of my favorite mods. Foxes should've came stock with them.
  11. Tiny Avenger was bought out and Pro-M closed and is now another company. Neither has the adapter anymore.
  12. That does appear to be the correct adapter but I would have to have the up and down dimension to know for sure. I wish I had known about that link before making my own but the job is done and I'm happy with it. There's a certain satisfaction that comes with making your own parts you know what I mean?

    I may buy that one and put it next to my spare TFI module just in case something happens to my acrylic adapter.

    If nothing else comes from this experience at least people who are doing the same swap have a current thread and info to work from.
  13. They are PMAS now, but it seems like they still sell a lot of similar items to what the old place did - I thought they might still have the adapters around, or that one could find an adapter in someone's backstock/ebay, etc.

    Whether or not there are adapters out there, I still like the way you did yours (I find in my stubbornness, that I will make something that is available, just to do so, or to modify it to my wants).
  14. I'm pretty sure that adapter works. But, you're correct in saying that finding adapters is not that easy. I know of at least four companies that *used* to make some/more adapters and they no longer offer the same products.

    A bunch of products come and go, I've seen many in the past 15+ years.
  15. PMAS doesn't currently have it. Like I said I looked and looked but apparently in at least one case I didn't look in the right place. The Kustomz website just didn't appear on any of the searches I did.

    Since I have the Winter off (I own a Lawn Service) I really didn't have much else to do. Like you I also modify almost everything I buy, parts, lawn mowers, cars, parts for cars etc but my wife has forbade me to touch her new Cobalt.

    Since we're on the subject of modifying parts does anyone know where I can get a 1/4" throttle ball for under 20 bucks? The one that was on my Mustang plate that goes on my Explorer TB had a nasty run-in with a 4" angle grinder when I was removing the plate from the Mustang TB.
  16. The one these guys sell works for sure? Has anyone used one?
  17. The horizontal measurement is correct for the 94/95 MAF but it doesn't state the verticle measurement. I would call them and get the verticle measurement first. Also the outside of the tube should be 3-1/2 to 3-5/8 inches. Let me know what they say.

    There's lots of adapters out there that are almost correct but very few that are.
  18. Looks very good! :nice:

    I like to see people just make things work.

    BTW: Did you ever get that TB fixed?
  19. the easy way is to cut the flange off the maf with a hacksaw and use your exsisting cold air kit. No seaching or fabricating the imaginary adapter. Ive don this to three different cars no problems w/ any of them.