94/95 MAF install completed!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Maryland Stang, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. I would also reiterate that the size you need is the one that this seller sells for the 94+ v6. It needs the 3.5" inlet. The one they sell for the v8 is too small.

  2. I picked up 2 SN95 Meters 1 from a 94 Stang and the other from a 95. The Sensors share the same P/N, but the 1995 has a slightly different Housing and it also had the screen with it. The 94 say Ford on it and is cast kind of rough, the 95 is cast pretty smooth and it says Japan on it, they both are Original because the Paint Match Marks are still in place on the Tamper Proof Screws
  3. I'm pretty sure that they all came from the factory with the screen. But, removing the screen was, and still is, a common mod. People should leave the screen in since it does help to smooth the air flow, and therefore results in more accurate metering. But, I'll admit, I rarely run a MAF with a screen.
  4. I put a 94-95 MAF on my fox,runs great.I cut off the 4 bolt flange,cleanly rounded it and put it in the stock elbows,worked perfect.
  5. Cool! Congrats with one of the cheapest mods to help with HP! :)
  6. I think I am going to use the Housing that has Ford Stamped on it instead of the one marked Japan even though it is a more rough casting.
  7. Try them both. :) Heck, it takes what - 10-15 mins, to do a MAF swap? You shouldn't see any difference between the two MAFs.
  8. I really like how smooth inside and out the 1 marked Japan is, but the Ford 1 already has the Flange machined off so it just a Plug and Play without the Adapter.
  9. Yea, go with the Ford one then. :)

    Post back how it works!
  10. Got it installed tonight and was only able to take it out for about 10 Minutes. Down in the Low Revs the car felt stronger, but there is a long steep hill about 1 1/2 Long and I usually cruise right up it in 5th gear and the car is not even trying, coming up the hill with the SN95 Meter did not feel as strong as it did Stock. I feel like I gained down low but lost some in the Mids, The Computer might need some more time to recognize the Meter too and I need to try the hill again when I am not in a rush.
  11. Try disconnecting the battery cable for a few minutes to dump the KAM in the computer and then try it.
  12. There's a 2 dimensional trim map. Each meter is a little different, ~2-4%. That shouldn't be a noticeable difference until the trims adjust. The trims will adjust over time, no big deal.
  13. I disconnected the Battery before Removing the Old Meter and Installing the New Meter so it could learn the new one as soon as I started the car, I took it for a short trip today and it felt a little better coming up the hill.
  16. anyone have pictures of the 94/95 maf with the flange cut off?
  17. :stupid:

  18. Here is a Pic of one with the Flange and the other with the Flange cut off.

  19. thanks, thats what i was lookin for, i saw the directions on how to do it in the posts before but i wanted a picture just to clarify
  20. I have a CAI intake and no fender-well so my filter would get wet when it rained so I picked up a adapter for my MAf so that when it rained i would put a filter under the hood so it wont get wet. The adapter is from spectre part # 8145 it is described as Maf 4in small Ford adapter . The only problem is I needed a Filter with a 4 in inlet but thankfully I had a K&N with that inlet