94-95 Mustang Cobra 5.0 Typhoon Intake 70 Throttle Body

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  1. yes it will, please tell me how it performs cuz im looking at the same thing in the near future.
  2. yes i will,when i get it i will gasket match and i'm thinking about making this upgrade within a few months to get ready for the track. any guesses what this upgrade will do to increase my 1/4 mile time i run a 14.4 at present time...thanks...
  3. the other day on tv they had a guy at edelbrock compairing their OEM stuff vs the knockoffs and theres definatly a noticeable difference. the gaskets did not line up at all on the knockoff stuff where on the OEM stuff it was right on. but since your gasket matching :nice:
  4. click on link, i think this is what your talking about it is on the e-bay site if you did'nt see it read article in ford muscle link below....

  5. Remember the typhoon is a knock-off of the rpm, which is a 1500-6500 rpm intake, not the performer, which is a idel-5500 intake. On stock heads, or even mild heads, that is going to be too much intake. You will loose bottom end, and won't gain enough top end for it to be worth it.
  6. Yeah, you're going to lose alot by going with that setup on a motor with stocks heads and a stock cam.
  7. Just to add some additional information that you may already know... you will need to reuse the electronics out of your stock TB and bolt them to the new one. This should not be too big of a problem, except the TPS is a PITA to get off. The phillips screw head was a terrible idea to use for it, and in my case I ended up breaking the ear off of the TPS when I used an impact drive and it fell out of the vice. I don't recommend that method, as I had to buy a new TPS. You will also need the EGR adaptor (Part #54152) in order to hook up your EGR tube that runs to your passenger side header. It is basically an extention piece that allows you to reuse that tube because the new intake will be about a 1/2 an inch taller than stock. And lastly, your strut tower brace will no longer work (if you have one) with this intake unless you have an aftermarket one designed to fit aftermarket intakes. Good luck with the install.
  8. so i would probably be better off buying a 5.0 explorer intake upper and lower with the throttle body or throttle body be the same as i got....
  9. I have that intake and it seems to work well for me at this point. I did gasket match the lower intake to the 1250's but the upper/lower region was cnc machined out the box to match each other.
  10. I have the Typhoon with 70mm bbk, but I put mine on at the same time as the Vortech, so I couldnt tell you how it performs on its own.
  11. On stock heads N/A that intake will move the powerband higher. Where you would make peak HP with the regular Performer (say 5300rpm), this intake will move it up 500rpm. Most likely out of the stock heads power band. It will work just take more rpm to get it flowing.

  12. To be honest, you really don't need a T/B untill you get into the heads, or even more than that. If your looking for a great intake for stock heads/mild heads go with a 94-95 specific cobra intake (Always one or two on ebay). It won't kill your low-end, it will be a direct easy replacement, it will give you nice mid-upper power, it will work excellent with better heads, and it can be ported to flow with top-of-the-line heads. DO NOT get a 87-93 cobra intake. No matter what you might hear, it won't work without changing the entire EGR & T/B setup. A Trick Flow Street, Eddy Performer, GT-40 will all work as well.

    Good luck :flag:
  13. do not put this on stock heads, you will have a limited power band with the stock cam and this intake n/a

    I run the typhoon and had it on stock heads with the e cam. I did so because I had planned to get trick flows and a 6500 rpm capable cam until I was scammed out of the money a month later.

    You will do great with an explorer intake and a Ported gt40 lower, the exploere upper makes great power for its category, but the explorer lower needs work. if you can get a stock cobra or gt40 lower that would be good, If not, get a Tmoss portesd lower.

    The typhoon will make you setup "Soft" below 4000 rpm

    It does well on my current setup, but I would be faster with a performer intake with the cam/head/Gearing setup I have
  14. Shhhh!!! Mike may be listening! :lol: