94-95 Mustang GT parts... parting two cars...OHIO

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. I have parts here from 2 94 Mustang GT's, both black interior 5 speed cars...

    one wrecked in front, other has pass rear damage, email with needs, 94svt AT sbcglobal.net
  2. Do youi have '95 odometer unit-head? What about front headlight assembly for both sides if they aren't cloudy, etc. inside?
  3. Sorry - you have '94, but I suspect what I am asking fits both cars. I can check if you have them. Thanks.
  4. Forgot to ask. What about good '17 wheels. I don't particulary like the ones I have with 3 pairs of double bars. Thanks.
  5. I may have a buyer for whole car, I will let you know asap, Tim
  6. Air bags? looking for black driver and side bags.
  7. I need the piece on the inside drivers door panel, behind the handle to open the door, and i need the piece under the windshild wipers
  8. do you have the side skirts from this car?
  9. Yes, 250.00 shipped with module..I accept paypal.
  10. Door cup is broke, I do have a good wiper cowl here, 80.00 shipped for one, they are big..
  11. Yes, you need all 4 pcs? let me know... then I will figure out price shipped, what color do yuo have?
  12. how about fog light brackets, just need the u-shaped peice, with the bolts, i included a pic[​IMG]
  13. are any of them convertibles?
  14. License plate lights

    No longer need items asked about earlier, BUT do you have a pair of the little covers that go over the lights above the rear license plate? I have them on my car, but both have broken plastic "lens." It appears they mount with a phillips screw on each side of the "frame." Easy to see with trunk lid open.
  15. Yes, I had a 99 vert a while back... what you looking for?
  16. yes, 15.00 shipped
  17. center console and driver and pass airbag......price separate please and shipped to 78415
  18. Black console, 80.00
    Both airbags with module, 250.00
  19. a/c - radio bezel w/ pocket? pics n price shipped to 02908
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