94-95 Mustang GT parts... parting two cars...OHIO

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Need a cowl vent, wiper arms, hood scoop inserts and antenna kit (part under and over the fender). Thanks
  2. I have a couple cowls, both have a tab or two broke, but held fine, 40.00 each, no wiper arms right now... cannot find hood vents... Should have antenna thing... 10.00
  3. do you have
    -right front fender and front bumper (near perfect condition)
    -water pump and timing cover for 5.0
    -stock 5.0 oil pan
    -stock 5.0 distributor
    -stock harmonic balance
    -stock crank and water pump pulleys
  4. you got any leather seats?
  5. I need a gt fog light switch and the plug
  6. i need everything for the interior of my 94 trunk. anything black?
  7. Only have console, sills and kick panels....might have rear panels....
  8. if ya do have anything let me know man
  9. where in ohio as im in ohio, how much for upper and lower rear sear?
  10. I will check condition, I think it's good... I will be home Monday.... probably 100.00 + shipping
  11. did it have the 460 system in it?

    if so i need the the two head units, the radio/cassestte and the lower cd player one
    and also the front amp?

  12. I have CD player, 40.00 and I think a front amp....25.00 all Plus shipping
  13. pm sent to you.
  14. Do you have the front foglight brackets?
  15. No, sorry
  16. do you have any mirrors...need drivers side.
  17. I need center caps for 17" tribar rims.
  18. Do you have spindles...and would you ship them to CA?
  19. Steering wheel

    Do you have a good straight steering wheel in black leather with a nice finish?
    you can email to [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.