94-95 Tail Lights VS. 96-98 Tail Lights?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by v12eater, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Which Tail Lights do you guys like better the 94-95 Tail Lights or the 96-98 Tail Lights?

    I was thinking of changing to the 96-98 Tail Lights but then i would be losing the 5.0 touch.
  2. Well i got to love the way it sets us apart from the 4.6 croud. And the fact that they look so mean compared to those ones especially at night. I love our tail lights and dont reccoment changing them.
  3. Hands down, I think the 94/95 lights look better. That was one of the only things that I disliked about my chrome yellow '98 Cobra, the vertical lights looked silly. I think it's not so bad on darker colored cars, but definitely it looks out of place on the light colored ones.

    Whatever you choose to do, at least hold on to the original tail lights, they're starting to get hard to come by.

  4. and if you blackout your 94-95 taillights, they look awesome
  5. Its wierd, I think the 96-98's look better, but the horizontals make the rearend look way beefier than the 96-98's and the 5.0 is all about the beef. I think it must have something to do with the horizontal lines given the illusion of a wider car. Kinda like how the notchback fox's tend to look pretty beefy from behind becuase the rear bumper cover is so high cut.
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    Your right Zero it does make the rear more beefy. I thought i was the only one that noticed that.
  7. When I had my 98v6 i though people were stupid for changing there tail lights to horrizontal. That was before I know what that meant. Theres a 5.0 lurking under that hood.

    When I got my 95 and then again with my 94 i swapped the lights out for the 96-98's but realized I want people to know its a 5.0 not a 4.*****.

    I used to like them better but now im dissapointed when i see them without the horizontals :nonono:
  8. I know my view is unpopular here but I like the 96-98 and changed to them. I've always hated the horizontal lights especially on the last fox GTs - that the main reason I far preferred the LXs. I do understand the last 5.0 thing but if that means someone thinks I'm driving a weak 96 all the better when I blow them off.

    The car looks lighter and more modern with the 96-98. I think Ford made the right decision when the changed the lights after only 2 years of using the others on the SN95s.
  9. i like how the lenses are clear , yet still red on the 96 - 98 i wish for the 94 - 95 you could get the clear red lenses for em :nice:
  10. i love our lights because they look really badass at night.
  11. do you really want to make your car look even more like the slowest v8 mustangs ever made? might as well just put some altezza tails on it. :puke:
  12. Lol I wouldn't go that far! When I first bought my car though I hated the horizontals. They were all faded and look nasty and cracked. They just left a really bad impression. All I could think about was ditching them, but in the course of smashing one and some kid busting the other one, I now have two brand new lights and I couldn't imagine ever owning the verticals, but I don't think they look bad.

    And yes they look sweet at night, people know what they're coming up on when they see those.
  13. true :nice:
  14. I was going to change mine to the 96-up Export lights Amber blinkers but I sold it and got a Pace Car so the horizontals art staying!! I DO like them!!...NOW

    SEE sig.....If ya like the 96 up lights and want somthing DIFFERENT!
  15. Either or to me :D
  16. The 94/95 lights are just plain bad ass. It's just signature 5.0 to me. Give me horizontal lights and tri-bars anyday!!!
  17. I used to like the Vertical lights better, but then I got a revelation :D

    -it's funny though... people don't respect the horizontal ones as much... right after I got my car, I went to show it off (naturally :D) at a local exotic car place... and right after I walked inside, they said "nice car, very clean, you know I can get the 98 style tail lights for you cheap..." I was offended to say the least...
  18. Funny the different opinions. I changed mine to the 96up lights and I love the look and would never go back. If they mistake my car for a 4.6 then I'll wake them up with a third gear power slide!
  19. I like the 96-98 tail lights better. If they ever think that my car is a 4.6 all I have to do is rev my baby and when I set off car alarms and they get scared, they know its a 5.0.
  20. i hate....HATE 96-98 lights...they look to girly but thats just me.