94-95 Tail Lights VS. 96-98 Tail Lights?

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  1. I'm actually thinking about just....

    not running taillights anymore. :nice:
  2. who cares if someone thinks you run a 4.6 mod motor. looks are looks, and i rather have a car look better with newer tail lights and be mistaken of a 4.6 then look crapy with the old style tail lights so people will know i drive a 5.0
  3. well the newer lights look terrible i love our tails a bonus to liking our cars i guess...they just need to have fresh paint on them and the lenses polished and they look great IMO. i would never want anyone mistaking my car for a queer 4.6L either. proud of what i got.
  4. The 4.6 ones look like ass IMO. The 5.0 ones look alot better. They make the car look wider, especially with 315's out back.

    And they look badass with saleen bezels.
  5. they both are alright, my preference is for the horizontal tails because it widens the look of the back, wheras the vertical narrows it

    <--- likes low wide cars :D
  6. Wanna Just buy the whole car?

    Im having back problems, and with nobody left around to help me work on the car, it's starting to take a toll on me.
  7. Oh god, the 12010129 taillight thread in the last 5 years, insane haha
  8. 96-98 with the sequential ftw! You can see how crappy mine look in my sig...prob gonna paint em black.
  9. My car had Altezzas when I got it. Of coarse I took those out and put the 96-98 tails with a black bezel in my Yellow GT. When people hear my H/C/I, off-road x-pipe, flowmasters, and Procharger (in about 2 weeks)car, if they still think its a 4.6, they will be getting a good look at my tails anyway and I want it to look good for them :D so im going to keep the 96-98 tails.

    I am very proud of my 5.0 but I don't care too much for the horizontal lights.
  10. Holy thread resurection.... :o

    I'll stick with the stock taillights.



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  11. I currently have both right now. I just bought some 96-98's, just because of the fact that u can easlily remove the bezels to paint them black. Blacking out my previous 94 TL's was a big PITA, IMHO. Masking & sanding:nonono: :bang: hated it! Few Q's for yall: Does Saleen really sell black bezels for the 94-95 lights? If I do put these '96-98 TL's, what kind of re-wiring is involved??
  12. you got that right brother.....the tails definitely make the car appear wider especially with the 315-35's out back......
  13. im still here.....you just never call to ask for help anymore.....
  14. So '94-'95 headlights, doors, fenders, hood, and decklid suck?:shrug:

    I have a '66, and had an '01. I wanted a 5.0 SN, but never liked the horizontal tails simply because I always thought they were a bad decision on Ford's part. I was in 6th grade when the '96 came out, and I knew Ford fixed the problem(I knew nothing about the engine change at that age:nonono: ).

    Funny how so many people can like the '94-'95 tails, but there's no love for Ford's other bad 5.0-only decision; Tri-Spoke 17's...They scream 5.0 just as loudly as the horizontal tails.

    LOL...paranoid much? Every time you're in a crowded room, do you think that everyone is thinking about how dumb you are? :D
    Chances are that if someone owns a 5.0, they can tell another from sound alone...not to mention the fender badges don't say "4.6".

    My car pretty much looks like a '96 Cobra from the rear; but if you're in the rear you can hear that's no mod motor.

    These help too:
  15. '66 coupe - DDSTANG94 might be joking just a bit. But I will say there are people out there like that. :rlaugh: I was at a gas station MANY years ago in my car. A guy in a little POS import car (I'm talking the OLD datsun type car that was a rust bucket) leaned out the window as he drove by the gas station and I heard him yell to his kids in the back... Wow! Look at that Cobra!

    He slammed on the brakes came flying up to the other side of the pump and proceeded to cuss me out saying it was only a GT. :fuss:

    Another person filling up with gas. Asked me if I knew the guy. I laughed... nope. Then they asked what in the world was it all about. I laughed again and explained the guy must have thought I was trying to pass off my car as a Cobra. The person said, but it says GT on it right? I said, yeah... says that on the back bumper as well. The only Cobra part on the car is the hood and it's for a Cobra of a different year with a different engine.

    The person just replied,"what an idiot." I laughed... yup. :rlaugh:

    Oh and it's not so much the "it's a 5.0 thing" for me. It's more to do with the fact the 96-98 TL's look border line rice.... and also don't look anything like a classic mustang. The 99 up TL's.... THOSE I like. :nice:
  16. well i dont know if your making fun of tribars or not..? but it took me forever to track down a set 5 months and i finally found a set!!! i was so excited. i thought every decision ford made in 94-95 were good ones...i hated 96-98 wheels, tail lights and motor decisions....in 96 i was in 5th grade... lol

    and for whoever asked about the rewiring..even though i hate when people do it i would rather see it done right the harnesses are the two bottom ones http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/products.aspx?category=M8TAILHARN
  17. Rice??? That's a bit much. If you wanna talk border-line rice, mention the newer Lightning or whatever that newer Ford sedan is called.

    The 87-93 GT look like fine cheese graters, whereas the 94-95 will give you the large slices of cheese.
  18. i do hate 87-93 gt lights...unless they are freshly painted...but 94-95 are just awesome
  19. Rice? WTF?!! I would call the fake hoodscoops rice before attacking tail lights.

    And you'll find that anyone who actually knows what the rear of all Mustangs from '65-'73 look like will agree the the '96 has more in common with the first generation than the horizontals do.

    I guess if I flipped a '67/'68 on its side, and beat tail light panel with a hammer it might look like a '94/'95.:shrug:
  20. my thoughts exactly.

    horizontals > *