94-95 Tail Lights VS. 96-98 Tail Lights?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by v12eater, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. :cool: :cheers:
  2. You know what Trav :D

    You've hit the nail squarely on the head about ...............
    My biggest gripe with the mod motor

    It needs to be a good bit bigger :nice:

    Then ... Maybe Just Then ............
    I could find it .........
    Shall we say ....
    Acceptable :rlaugh:

    You know ... It really is just an ...
    Over Grown Motorcycle motor :rlaugh:

    I got a long standing love affair with the sbf :banana:

    Hey ... What do you expect :D

    I've owned and worked on EVERY one of em :nice:
    The baby of em all ... the little 221 :D

    As for the cramped interior .........
    I'm with ya Trav :)

    Except for a 68 428 Torino Cobra Jet
    Every Ford has made me wish for 1 inch more seat travel
    I got long legs :shrug:

    Stangs ... you gotta love em ;)

  3. there is no dought the styling is great and a pretty good reproduction of the classics...but i cant justify getting one for all they offer in the motor department...if you want the bigger engine the price just jumps to far out of the ballpark....lol im with you grady long legs haha we just need like you said maybe squeeze us an extra inch or two in that front seat going back then all i would have to do is drop a true 5.0 in it!!!!:D lol:rlaugh:
  4. The car will run in the 13's stock. That's enough for me to want one. Also the fact that the convertible chassis is supposed to be the best a Mustang has ever had. Some have even compared it to European-luxury 'verts. Car and Driver also ran a better 1/4 with their 'vert than their two hardtops.:nice:

    Of course, I wouldn't be opposed to a larger engine either.

  5. yeah i heard the 05+ were the first time ever the vert got its own platform...not a hardtop that they converted into the vert....im so sick of my vert im thinking of getting rid of it...i just dont like convertiable anymore...from now on out its all hardtops for me
  6. love the originals


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