'94-95 vs. '96-98

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  1. I'm thinking about picking up a Cobra for a daily driver. Other than the obvious engine/performance change, what (if anything) changed between the 5.0 and the 4.6 Cobras? I'm leaning towards the 5.0 since I do most of my own work, but the extra ponies from the 4.6 is tempting!

  2. They're completely different animals from the mechanical and performance standpoints. The 5.0 cars aren't much different than working on your 67, other than the fuel injection. The 4.6 cars will be completely foreign to you. Everything under the hood is different and much more cramped. On the other hand, stock to stock 4.6 hands the 5.0 it's ass performance-wise. If I was making this decision and the two cars were of equal quality, I'd probably go with the 5.0 for ease of maintenence and durability.
  3. Thanks for the input!

    But outside of the engine (transmission?), will the suspension, brakes, chassis, HVAC, electronics, accessories, etc. be essentially the same for the '94-'98 generation?
  4. I believe (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) but I believe that most, if not all, of the rest of the workings are pretty much the same. The electronics relating to the drivetrain will be different, but things like the stereo and other ancillary stuff won't. The body and interior, other than very minor trim changes, will be the same, as are the susupension and brakes.
  5. I've got a 97 Cobra and if I had it to do over again, I'd have bought a 5.0. The power the DOHC produces is great but it comes at a cost when you start adding big time performance parts
  6. They are both nice cars, but go with the 96+. 305HP vs. 240HP. Getting 65HP on the 94-95 will still cost you big bucks. You will have to buy heads, cam, and intake....boom 2500 gone and if you pay to get them put on figure 3500+. 3500+ will get you a Vortec on the 96-98 and you will make over 400RWHP...check my sig....very little mods.....and for another 1000 bucks I can add meth and get in installed and tuned and make 520+RWHP.

  7. I agree with the 4.6 liter only because the 5.0 sn 95's are freakin pricey around here! You can ****** up a DOHC with a few miles on it cheap and have a newer car. the 520 RWHP is a little high, the stock bottom end won't last making that power, and getting over 400 Rwhp will require a good flowing exhaust, which will run close to $1000
  8. You said daily driver but you didn't say anything about modding the car. If you plan on keeping it stockish then I would say hands down a 4.6. It rips in factory trim and for under 1k you could add exhaust, gears, and a shifter and be happy for a long time:D . Down the road if you decide to get froggy then slap on a 150 shot or a blower and lay waste to just about any car on the road.

    As for a 5.0 I have always thought the GT is a better deal over the Cobra, unless you're just dead set on having bragging rights and have that badge on the fender. The performance gap is just not big enough IMO to pay a premium for the Cobra. I would rather save the $$ with a GT and use the extra bills to make it faster. With just a 2 year run on the SNs 5.0 you will also have a better chance of finding a bargain on a GT than a Cobra. The 5.0 Cobras I've seen belong to owners who think the car is gold plated. :D
  9. My tuner opened up in 1990, and I have been going there since 2000. In 2005, when I talked to him about meth, he told me he has tuned over 30 Cobras with 520-530RWHP...and has never had them back with a breakage or driveability issue. This is 2007, he has moved to a larger facility, and has turned over 150 cars on meth. One person spreads the word to 10, then 10 to 100. It is all in the tune and you must keep the meth bottle full, and your gas tank 1/2 to full.
  10. in the svt talk forum there is a debate going on about this....
    this is what i posted in that thread

    i think you are looking at the peak hp #s more than the all around avg throughout the power bands. The 5.0 has more potential bottom line PERIOD(in what the block doesnt limit, but if you use that arguement i can bring up the "excellent" stock internals on the 96-98 4v car LOL), in every single category you can think of! If Mod motors are so great why do classes like renegade all run windsor style motors? Lets take your mod for mod example you just gave.....Why rip the motor out? You would have to do the same thing to the 4valve car once you started pushing enough boost through it! And then go ahead and add your top end package....i bet somebodys bank account is going to be hurting a little more! Dont get me wrong i LOVE mod motors....But on the performance aspect of things they just cant hang with the 5.0. I have built both motors and know the limits of both! Just simply stating my opinion based on experience. By the way, you are crazy if you think you can just call summit up and order that modular top end kit you just listed.
  11. have you seen the production #s?
  12. Not in some time, but I just googled it: http://www.yellowmustangregistry.com/ProductionCobra.html

    Pretty rare compared to the other model cobras (except for the 93). That just supports my previous argument. If you're just looking for a 5.0 to mod the hell out of, why gut a perfectly good (relatively) limited production 94-95 Cobra when you can do it with a cheaper GT? In any case the OP obviously just wants to know which is the better car to have for a daily driver, not a cammed out, built stroker motor car. I think we've already established which car is better as delivered from ford.
  13. Thanks for keeping it civil, this is getting interesting :D . Allow me to explore your statement that the 5.0 has more potential bottom line PERIOD. Lets break the respective engines down........

    Rods/Pistons: Both have cast rods and hyper pistons, ok for stock applications but not very good for hard core performance. (96-98 = 94-95)

    Blocks: 5.0 Cobra has the same cast iron block that has rolled out with every 5.0 GT/LX/F-150, etc etc since the dawn of time. It's common knowledge you are on borrowed time when pushing this block past 500/500. The 96-98 is bestowed with the aluminum alloy Teksid block- the same company that produces blocks for Ferrari. How's that for pedigree? This is arguably one of the best blocks to ever go in a production ford. Quote from Sean Hyland (you know who he is, right?) - We at SHM have successfully used the 96-98 Cobra block as a basis for drag-race engines of up to 1,500 hp. Suffice it to say the 4V block will never be a limitation for the typical street driven car. (96-98 > 94-95)

    Crankshafts: The 5.0 Cobra gets a off-the-shelf cast iron crank just like every other 5.0. Usually won't break before the block- but I don't know of any builder who recommends a cast crank when making over 500/500. The 96-98 come stock with a forged crank that can withstand 1000+. (96-98 > 94-95)

    Heads/Intake: 5.0 has the cast iron GT-40 heads and Cobra intake that help it produce 240 horses- 25 more than your average Joe Dirt 94-95 GT. Basically a carryover engine from the 93 Cobra, except on the heavier 94-95 it makes the car slower. The 96-98 Come with a modified Mark 8 intake and aluminum 4V heads that help it produce 305 horses. The heads on the 4V car will never be a limiting factor on most street cars, the intake will once you get into the 550+ range (debatable). You don't see many 5.0 Cobra's putting down 500+ with the stock heads (at least I don't).

    So I guess I could ask now in exactly what area does the 5.0 Cobra own the mod Cobra in engine potential?

    You also mentioned the $$ factor, which in the real world does matter. If you want to go there we can do that, I'm game :D. Name a hypothetical budget amount to be spent on each car and lets see if you can make a 5.0 Cobra come out on top. Anybody else wanna chime in? :shrug:
  14. Thanks for the input everyone..

    The more I find out, the more I think I'll be best off with a 4.6 Cobra. In theory at least I am just looking for something to leave stock as far as the drivetrain goes. Of course, we all know how that goes!
  15. Actually the ealry model 302 blocks are alot stronger than the late model (which is the dawn of its time) Do i know who sean hyland is???? Are you kidding? Have you read my screen name? LOL I know he is a canadian bastard LOL. Once again you are talking about stock trim which once you start modifying goes out the door PERIOD! So my statement still stands.....the 5.0 windsor style motor has more potential than any modular motor! You point out the weak block??? well you can pick up a early model 302 or even a used dart block for cheap these days (800- 1200) Which you are going to spend that much to have your precious teskid block wet sleeved!(you do know what that is right?) Like i said, im just stating the facts and i have owned both cars!
  16. 1500dollars....set of tw heads and nitrous.... and still have some money left over and make 450 to ground on the 5.0 ( you really dont even need the heads to do it. 1500 on the 4valve? ummmmm is there anything you can buy for a modular motor under 1500 besides nitrous?
  17. Personally I would go with the pushrod motor. It's really a downer to price parts for the 4v 4.6. Wow, I can have a decent intake manifold for only $3k. Yahoo.
  18. Thats good, but I would not try it, unless I had some cash saved for a rebuild.
  19. Is there a weight difference between the iron 5.0 and the aluminum modular?
  20. True....I agree.....:rlaugh: