'94-95 vs. '96-98

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  1. a bit..yes.

    Honestly, I can't believe some of you are argueing for a 302 over a 4.6. Yeah, sure, in some instances the power is more potent, but driveablity of a tw head. cammed, built 331 compared to a stock 4.6 supercharged 4v.:shrug:
  2. Yet, he is the single most person to blow up 4.6 motors.
  3. How do these cars do with high miles? I've been finding a number of one owner 100,000+ mile cars that are super clean and appear very well maintained; or I can find cars with 1/2-3/4 the miles for 1.5-2x the (asking) price. I'm not just talking drivetrain, but the car overall. Was it just the engine that got hand-built treatment during production or were the entire cars recipients of "special handling"?
  4. An unmodded well-maintained dohc car should last forever. Just ask Honda. :D

  5. lol YUP