94-98 dash in a 93?

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  1. Hey everyone. I was wondering if it would be possible to hack a 94 mustang dash in order to put it in a 93 mustang....? Anybody tried it? I really like the looks of the 94+ dash and I found one complete, for pretty cheap. I not worried about guages or heater/ac stuff right now, I just want to know if it is even possible to mount the newer dash in my stang. Any feedback or ideas?
  2. completely differnt body style, so the dementions would be differnt...best way is to pull one, break out a tape messure and see what needs to be "trimmed" ;) i think its a cool idea, alot of work, but neat none the less
  3. yes i can be done, i have seen pics of it . onthing i dont like is how our inside door handles get in the way with the newer sn95 dash. ill see if i can find the pics.
  4. That would be sweet if you could find those pics!! that way I can see if its worth attempting. I would imagine it either looks sweet or like a big hack job. If I can manage to get the dash in and looking good, the next thing would be to see about fitting the newer door panels. THen maybe that $20k sn-95 front end conversion....
  5. They arn't as different as you think. If fact, the different interior and sheet metal are bolted to the same basic frame. I have even heard of people putting the entire enterior from a SN95 into a 79-93 fox.
    Just swapping in a different dash would be more difficult. You have to worry about matching up the dash with the center consol, door trim and A pillar trim.
  6. If its possible I would love to swap the whole interior. The dash,console,and door panels anyway....I plan on putting some "rice-style" leather racing seats from summit in, and since its a convertible I'm not worried about anything behind the front seats.
  7. I think it would be cool to see the 05 stang interior in a fox ... that would look sweet..

    the console would line up really nicely ... but the ebrake is on the wrong side...
  8. I disagree...I think the interior on the '05 is one of its few downfalls. The seats, doorpanels, and other upholstery is sweet looking. The dash on the other hand is too boxy and doesnt have the smooth curves of the rest of the interior. Also, the retro-style guages dont work for me.

    They were really catering the dash to the retro genre, which I think is a mistake as was demonstrated by the thunderbird project. I personally thought the new thunderbirds were cool, but they just didnt sell. You cant narrow your selling pitch to that small of a group. Mustangs have always been appealing to all age groups, and I hope they wont stray form that trend.

    The cool thing about the fox and sn-95 dash's is that the aftermarket can customize them and add to them, but the new one looks like that will be difficult. IMO ford tried to come up with something new and 'futuristic' while incorporating retro styling..and it just doesnt work everywhere on the car.
  9. :OT:maybe this should be moved to talk? Anyway, while im on the topic of the 05 mustang:

    I think the aftermarket is going to have a lot of fun with this new body style. I personally would like to see some cool body kits with some scoops to replace or cover the quarter-windows (thinking 68 shelby fastback style) and some side scoops (again, shelby-style):nice:...maybe even some rear window louvres?:shrug:
  10. I wont buy a mustang till they put another 2.3 in one ;) heck they redid the 5.0 and made an ohc motor out of it, why not a dohc 2.3 in the stang..just like the good ol...err, just they used to ;)
  11. ford will never put a 4 banger back in the stang, if they we're to do any "super" small engine it would be a V6 nothing smaller, but seeing how ford is going "retro" with ideas the only power house will be a V8 ... ford has the focus for the 4 bangers and maybe someday if they ever really bring it back, the capri.
  12. it wouldn't fit up, one is a fox platform the other is a dew98.
  13. so back to topic....anymore info on the interior swap? i m very interested in doing it..pics anyone? thanks
  14. Here are two pictures. Can't remember where I got them, I stumbled onto them doing a search for something. I do remeber reading that the guy had to cut off the windshield defroster portion of the dash closest to the windshield to make it fit. There were no side to side issues other than it does cover the door handles a little. The guy had not even started wiring it yet so I didn't get any info on that portion of it.



  15. I dunno how he would be able to get in and out of the car... the dash is almost right over the handle.
  16. :jaw: ....:drool:...my dreams have come true...:drool:......:jaw:
  17. ok,now that i know it is possible lemme pose some more questions:

    Other than physically fitting it into the car, what do I need to change/modify in order to have everything functional? Obviously I will replace all of my guages with autometer ones...but can this be done and still have functional heater/ac? what else would need to be changed? ANy ideas???
  18. i dont know about the vents lining up, but the switches should be fairly easy to rewire. just vacuum hoses.
  19. Dude, thats AWESOME! I might wanna do that sometime in the future...ugly ol' Fox interior needs to go.