94-98 Mustang Catback Exhaust 3" slanted tips

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by ShaunLB84, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello I am selling a catback exhaust system that came off a 1996 mustang gt. Not really sure of the make but it comes with hangers, flowtubes with flanges to bolt to H or X pipe, resonator, and tailpipes. It was all welded together so the pipe was cut in half and would need one weld on each side to install!! It has 3" slanted chrome tailpipes. I never installed and decided to go a different route.

    Already in a box ready to be shipped!!! I accept paypal for payment or cash pickup.

    94-95 will need hangers relocated
    96-98 will be direct fit

    Box dimensions to get a shipping quote are:

    33" length 36" height 7" width and 38 pounds

    PM me an offer if interested!!!




  2. Hey there! I realize this is over a year old but I'm wondering what ever happened to the exhaust. I am looking for something exactly like that unfortunately I seem to be a year late :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.