94-98 Mustang MACH 460 Radio AMPLIFIER

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  1. Im selling a stock MACH 460 front radio Amplifier from a 1997 Mustang GT, it's in good working condition and should fit on a 94-98 Mustang with a MACH 460 system. The part number from Ford is F4ZF-18A965-AA. Asking $80 OBO plus shipping/paypal fees.

  2. Price lowered to $70 OBO plus shipping/paypal fees.
  3. can you post pictures of it?
  4. For some reason it didn't let me download any pictures, but i can email it to you. PM me with your email address. Thanks
  5. Price lowered to $60, I need it sold asap. Please let me know. Thanks
  6. do you have one or both amps?
  7. I only have the front amp, the one under the radio. Let me know, thanks
  8. sorry looking for the back two
  9. Price lowered to $50
  10. Still have that amp?

    Will u take 30? I'm stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and am deploying in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to fix the radio for the family before I leave. I've bought 1 from someone online already and it turned out to be blown (some people). You got any pics so I can verify the connectors are the same? Give me a holler at [email protected] if you can't reach me here. Thanks brother :nice:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.